Thursday, September 12, 2013

Closet Ikat Curtains

I'm so excited to share my closet curtains with you - I just love the color and pattern of the fabric.  My Mom took pity on me and helped me sew them (by help I mean she did it for me ;) )

It's really tough to photograph this room because of the light but I tried a few different shots with the chandelier on and off:

Here is the link to the fabric if you're interested - it's actually on sale now (don't you hate when that happens!)


I love the colors and the fabric has a really nice weight to it. 

In other news I've finally joined Instagram and have become obsessed in just a few short days ;)  The link to follow me is on the right sidebar or you can search for alisa_miller511

Here are some of my recent shots:

I'm counting down the days to my trip to Toronto - hoping I can get some great shots to share here (and on Instagram :) ) and some great finds!

Before I forget - I'm hoping to share a super-easy DIY project over the weekend...stay tuned if you like sparkle!


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