Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holiday Wish list 2013

Do you create wishlists?  I have an on-going list on my phone in an attempt to keep from shopping ;)

In case you weren't aware Christmas is only 88 days away...crazy I know.

It looks like it's going to start storming outside so I decided to stay in and create a holiday wish list.  Now before you think I've lost my mind...these are just ideas for myself mainly.  I'm not asking anyone to get me a Dyson...or a new mattress for that matter...but I really could use one!


Giftcards can be found at each of the retailers (,,,,

Earrings and all three bracelets are from (I'm putting the generic link because their stuff sells out fast so these might not be there forever :) )  Watch is from  Blue shoes are by Schutz and can be found on  Silver shoes are by Vera Wang - I think they're sold out now so they're just for inspiration.  Silver sequined cardigan is by Boden (you can find similiar styles at  Blue cardigan is by

All handbags are by Coach (or Coach Factory) or I'm sort of a Coach fanatic...sorry there isn't much variety here :)

Air cleaner is by Germguardian (exciting I know!)  you can find a similar model on  Crown molding and ceiling tiles can be found on  Canon EOS 60mm macro lens can be found at many retailers including  Le Creuset cake plate is also from or I'm sure you could find it on  The Kitchenaid glass bowl and scraper and Dyson vacuum were all found on (what can I say they really do have almost everything!)

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quick update

Well, it looks like I picked up a cold you get annoyed when you get sick?  I just feel like I don't have time to be sick!  I'm working on it...

Over the weekend I tried to stay away from treasure hunting since I'll be shopping like crazy in less than two weeks people...the countdown has begun and I am in need of a break...vacation...respite...whatever you want to call it :)

I did manage to squeeze in a small DIY project - I designed my business cards.  I don't know about you but I feel instantly more official.  I'm not exactly sure who I plan on giving them to but I love them and I can't wait to get my first shipment's a sneak peak:

I used Vistaprint and it was pretty easy to customize everything.  If you follow my link they'll give you $10 off coupon.

I shipped out an Industrial Jewelry Display today.  I really hope she loves it as much as I do :)


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Glitter DIY, Dining Room Updates and Some Time Off

As promised I wanted to share a quick DIY project with you.  If you love sparkle this one is for you ;)
I was inspired by a few projects I saw on Pinterest (do you ever actually make any of the projects you pin on Pinterest?  I know I'm guilty of pinning up a storm and then not following through, #workinonit)
Here are my supplies:
Elmers clear glue
Glitter (any color you like - I went for the chunkier silver glitter)
Foam brushes
Triple-thick brush on glaze (I ordered mine on Amazon)
Clear glass coaster (you could use a bowl, plate, etc - I got mine from Hobby Lobby for a few dollars)
Super easy - first you spread a thin layer of Elmers on the inside of the glass (wipe off any excess if you get it on the top rim or the outside) - sprinkle glitter over the wet glue and let it dry completely.  Repeat as necessary until the glitter completely covers the surface.
Then, brush on 1 fairly thin coat of the triple thick glaze - this stuff is great it creates a harder surface that's crystal clear (this way you don't have to worry about fall-out from the glitter all over the place).  Repeat two times for optimal coverage.
Let dry and you're done - a cute little catch-all, jewelry holder, loose-change keeper, etc.  I keep mine on my front console table in my foyer. 
I stopped by the new District Flea in DC on Saturday with an AMAZING old friend and had the best time. I actually didn't buy anything but found lots of inspiration - follow me on instagram (@alisa_miller511) if you'd like to check out some shots from the flea!
I took a few days off and decided to head out to Frederick on Friday - the weather was A-mazing.  I found a few great treasures - a table runner from Relish Decor, some silver from a nearby Antique store, and a cake plate, candle lantern and cocktail napkins from HomeGoods. 
I'm going to use the cake plate to store my camera on my bookshelf.  The candle lantern I turned into a vase by using wire cutters to take off the wire cage and handle.  I bought some beautiful white hydrangeas as the grocery store and I love how the arrangement looks with my new blue ikat table runner.  The mirrored tray is also from HomeGoods (it used to be hold picture frames on my bedroom dresser, love repurposing stuff from around the house!)

A few more beauty shots:
Finally, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the Navy Yard shooting in DC.  Definitely hitting very close to home...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Closet Ikat Curtains

I'm so excited to share my closet curtains with you - I just love the color and pattern of the fabric.  My Mom took pity on me and helped me sew them (by help I mean she did it for me ;) )

It's really tough to photograph this room because of the light but I tried a few different shots with the chandelier on and off:

Here is the link to the fabric if you're interested - it's actually on sale now (don't you hate when that happens!)


I love the colors and the fabric has a really nice weight to it. 

In other news I've finally joined Instagram and have become obsessed in just a few short days ;)  The link to follow me is on the right sidebar or you can search for alisa_miller511

Here are some of my recent shots:

I'm counting down the days to my trip to Toronto - hoping I can get some great shots to share here (and on Instagram :) ) and some great finds!

Before I forget - I'm hoping to share a super-easy DIY project over the weekend...stay tuned if you like sparkle!