Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eleven Things Volume 14

I'm back...hoping to get into the swing of things again...thought I'd start out with another 'Eleven Things' post...Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

1.  I bought two new chairs for the living room.  I love them but what a hassle!  My father and I were unpacking boxes @ Target and possibly causing a scene :/
The pillows on the chair are from Pottery Barn. 

2.  I was inspired by this post (Amazing! Whippy Cake Jewelry Board) to show how I organize my accessories - which led me to a new project.  A sunglass rack by my front door.  I find that if I don't have stuff out I won't wear it...

Here are my supplies:

-A Sharpie (to mark the holes)
-A 'cheapo' curtain rod (when my Dad saw the finished product he said that looks like one of those cheapo curtain rods screwed into the wall...)
-A saw to cut down the rod
-Screw driver

Here are a few shots showing how I organize my jewelry and other accessories:

I love my collection of vintage bracelets...too much of a good thing? Nah...


3.  I made some updates to my gallery wall...including that amazing giant ocean painting I found on eBay for a great price. 

4.  I really need to get better about watering my plants...thankfully I snapped a few shots of the hydrangeas before the heat got to them...ooops

5.  They make great arrangements for the table too...

6.  I went on a shopping spree a few weekends ago...not sure what happened...lost my mind clearly.  I did find a few treasures at some little shops in Frederick (Relish and Silk&Burlap and Lucketts in VA) - the blue bangle, silver spoon/spreader and the silver painted glass bowl. 

7.  I wish this storm everyone's been talking about would hurry up and get here...

8.  I love vintage seascapes...wish I could find more...

9.  I decided to re-org my kitchen cabinets and build shelves for my wine/cocktail glasses in my dining room.  Here are the supplies:

-Red oak boards - I got mine from Lowes already cut to size - 1x6x2ft
-Dark walnut stain
-Foam brushes
-Cut up Tshirt for wiping
-Antique reproduction brackets (from
-Wall anchors (my Dad took over here, the screws that came with the brackets weren't nearly strong enough since we weren't hitting studs in the wall)



10.  Are you still with me?  This is the longest blog post are some random shots of my dining room after adding the shelves...

11.  I also found some great little dishes at Sur La Table - I think they're supposed to be for sushi but I don't do raw fish so I used them for decoration :)

I can't believe the weekend is over already...I don't feel like I got anything accomplished (well except for finally getting back on the blog :) )


  1. Welcome back! I had been wondering where you had been. Love the new chairs and the shelves for your wineglasses, too cute!