Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seattle - Treasures & Adventures - Part 3

As is the third and final installment of my Seattle trip!

First of all I discovered my new favorite shop - Watson Kennedy.  They actually have two locations in Seattle (I wish they'd come to the east coast!).

They let me take a few photos (hope that meant 'lots'):








Here are my treasures from Watson Kennedy (I'm sort of obsessed with the bike chain heart...might do some kind of assembled art project with these):

I found this small vintage blue glass pitcher at an antique store outside of Seattle.  I sort of struck out on the antiquing-front.  I tried to do most of my shopping on Monday and apparently most stores are closed then...who knew?!

The blue glass marble-like thing I bought from a crafts-person outside Pike Place.  I found the agate slices in the gift shop outside the waterfall park.  Look for a project with those on the blog soon!

Finally, I found two really great bead shops while in Seattle and picked up lots of amazing beads (super fun to travel home with!).  I hope to make a few new necklaces for the Etsy Shop so stay tuned :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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