Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Week's Treasures and a Little DIY

I have not stuck to my 'no spending in April' plan...raise your hand if you're surprised...

I've been trying to do better though...that should count for something...

My birthday is coming up - May 11th (the namesake of this lovely blog...well I think it's lovely anyway :) ) I'm going to be the big 3-0.  I don't know why but I'm not really feeling this whole getting old thing...

Anyway, enough rambling :)  Here are my finds from the past week:

I just can't resist agate bookends...especially blue...or deep purple

I love the texture of these frames - I'm probably going to add some silver paint and use them in my bedroom with some vintage paintings - stay tuned...

I also found this amazing navy blue indoor/outdoor pillow - I bought it for my porch swing but I'm thinking about keeping it here...just not sure if there are too many patterns...

I've had this lamp for a while, it's also from HomeGoods.  I've been trying different lamps on my nightstand (to replace the purple one) but I haven't found just the right one yet.  Might have to keep my purple one and forget all the 'design matchy-matchy rules' :)

 To say I'm excited about this vintage seascape (or the super amazing trophy below) is an understatement.  I collect both and I think these are going to be two of my favorites. 
I'm thinking about putting the painting in my bedroom to play off the navy walls (in the new HomeGoods frame) - now I just have to find a 2nd one - I'm thinking of looking while I'm in Seattle next month, super excited!

*Decor Steals*
How cool is this vintage repro hand?  No idea where i'm going to put it but I think I'm going to love it when it gets here. 
On to a little DIY project...
I was inspired by Shaunna @ Perfectly Imperfect who did a tutorial on covering books with beautiful papers. 
Well, this definitely isn't my first book cover (I had plenty of experience in school AND I've tackled this project before...see below)

 But if you haven''s my quick tutorial on what to do:
You'll need:
*Ruler (metal works best for me)
*Paper 12x12 - two sheets for each book
 (I found mine at HobbyLobby 50% off-they run about 60 cents each)

1.  Tape the two pieces of paper together to form one long sheet

2.  Fold the paper over each side of the cover - about 2 inches
3.  Fold the paper over to check the size then cut off the excess
4.  Use your fingers to crease the paper along the bottom and top edges
5.  Use the ruler to fold the creased paper over (this fold on the bottom will be on the inside of the flaps).  Then, insert the cover of the book into the flaps on each end (you can tape these along the edges if you want)
Finished product!  I love all the fun colors and designs!
Save the paper you have leftover - I used mine to wrap a Mothers Day gift for my Mom - along with some twine and a little vintage map gift tag from my Shop - I think it looks pretty cute!
Before I forget - I also listed a few new items in the shop (including two small silver trophies!) -> FiveElevenDecor
Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Great finds! I may have to try the book covers, they look so good!

    1. Thanks! You should definitely try the book covers-they're a fun way to add color and pattern and they're not expensive which I love :)

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