Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eleven Things - Bedroom Edition

1.  So I think I'm finally over the stomach flu I had a week ago...I literally thought I wasn't going to make it...all I wanted to do was paint!

2.  I managed to put myself together (enough) to make it out to an estate sale in VA last weekend.  It was the last day so everything was 50%.  I didn't score the amazing trophies I saw in the preview photos (it was day three after all) but I did buy this A-mazing bullseye/convex mirror.  I may have lost 10 lbs but I didn't lose my love for awesome vintage junk!  (I even heard a woman in the line say look at that mirror! score!)

3. If you know me at all you know it doesn't look like that anymore :)

4.  I spent my weekend painting my bedroom.  I love the color (Valspar Indigo Streamer).  LOVE.  But it IS pretty dark...this is the moment when I realized (again) that I dislike all the work that goes into painting...

5.  I used a new product I found on Amazon - called the Turboroll - Powered Paint Roller.  It worked pretty well - up until the point the roller flipped off and paint continued to come out of the handle...just make sure you put down plastic drop cloths no matter what!  It saved a lot of time and hassle but it does seem to use a lot of paint.

6.  On a random side note plastic drop cloths over carpet might as well be a sheet of ice...I almost wiped out a couple times...just thought I'd share :)

7.  Popsicle break time!

8.  I used the 'green' tape this time worked pretty well but I still had some bleed through issues.  Going to have to do some touch-ups...sigh... 

9.  I'm working on a few more projects for my bedroom - I'm prying up all the old tile on my dresser that I mosaic-ed a million years ago...which is sooo much fun (sarcasm).  My grandmother gave me a vintage lamp that I'm going to work some magic on.  I also want to find or make some art for the left of the right now it's looking pretty bare on this wall...

10.  I can't tell you how much I love the Threshold curtains...or the 'new' mirror over my bed.  Loving how everything is turning out :)

I get so wrapped up in these projects I forget to eat...going to go make something as soon I finish this post!

11.  Finally...the bedroom reveal!


Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Beautiful! Love the color of the bedroom walls! Went to an estate sale this weekend too, it was bad! Oh well, there is always the next one!

    1. Thanks! It took a while to find the 'perfect' blue for me but I really love it. Sorry the estate sale wasn't the best. I'm sure there will be better ones this summer!
      Take care :)