Monday, April 29, 2013

Dresser Tiling Project & De-Girl-ifying Check-in

I'm starting the countdown to my birthday trip to Seattle...currently ELEVEN days away...

But I'm even more excited to show you my dresser project - it was a lot of hard work prying up the old tile (and cutting the new tile, thanks Dad!), this is what the dresser looked like before:

Here it is now:

I touched up the black paint from the first time I redid the dresser (this dresser was actually left in my parents first house by the previous owners way before I was born and was a sort of yellow color...) I also added some Valspar metallic glaze in silver/pewter.  I wasn't sure I liked it at first but it's growing on me :)
The antique crystal knobs were already on the piece before this project - I found those on Etsy. 
Here are a few styling shots - I tried to use things I already had (including my blue depression glass decanters...LOVE).  I did purchase the mirrored tray at HomeGoods this weekend to try to edit down the number of silver's growing on me...but I may switch it up from time to time...



Here is the vintage seascape I showed in the previous post, looking lovely in the new HomeGoods frame I painted with the same glaze I used on the dresser.  Now to find a second painting to complete the look!

So, how am I doing on my De-Girl-Ifying checklist?? 

Not too bad...I've reduced the sparkle (but kept some of course), I painted the walls dark blue, updated the drapes, added the ocean canvas and found an old wood nightstand to redo for the space. 
The only thing missing is the crown molding...and I have a floor lamp project in the works that I hope to share with you this week - to replace my basket lamp on the left there.  I also decided to keep my settee at the foot of the bed for now...I just love it and it matches the headboard, so it stays!

I found this lovely basket at Target - the blues are so pretty with the wall color.  I'm using it to hold the throw from my bed for now. 

I've done some swapping of lamps too...the purple just wasn't working in my bedroom anymore - I started searching for a new lamp at HomeGoods...but since I'm a lamp hoarder I figured out the perfect swap...(of lamps I already own...helps with that whole...'I'm supposed to be saving' thing anyway :)
All three lamps are from HomeGoods originally (they really have the best lamps in my humble opinion)...
This one used to be in my foyer... 
This one used to be in my bedroom...
and this one used to be in my office... 

Gotta love it when things work out :)
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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