Saturday, March 2, 2013

Treasure Hunting in PA & A Few Projects

I took the day off on Friday and decided to head out to Gettysburg for some treasure hunting.  I did some research and wrote down a few addresses of antique malls that sounded promising - well they certainly had stuff but way over my budget.

I ended up finding stuff at a few places I spotted on the way to other stores. 

Drum roll please...

I found a nightstand!

I actually put another nightstand on hold earlier in the morning at a consignment shop but it wasn't perfect - I'm glad I waited because I L-O-V-E this one.  Now last night I was having doubts about painting it - I was kind of digging the original finish and it wasn't in bad shape...but the hardware definitely isn't me...and proved to be a fight to now I've damaged the front of the drawer a little bit but I'm glad - because now I don't feel bad about painting it!

But I'm not so sure about my hardware choice yet... I was going for navy blue for my bedroom and these are looking purple (the color my bedroom is now...).

I plan to paint the nightstand gray so I'll re-evaluate the hardware once I'm done.  I'll show the transformation in my next post :)

Meanwhile did anyone know it was supposed to snow today?  Huge flakes right now...I missed the memo...

Anyway...I also found three great blazers at a thrift shop in PA - I paid $19 for all three - then spent about $20 to get them dry cleaned...go figure...

I picked up these shoes at DSW - love them.  Also, found this adorable silver jewelry trinkey box (lined in navy blue velvet <3) at a consignment shop...the pillows are from HomeGoods and are going to look amazing on my bed. 

I wonder what it's like to have self control??

My father also installed my kitchen faucet for me - I love how it looks - but the water pressure seems a little light so we may have to look into that.  I'm also not sure if I want to keep my salvaged grate hung on the while behind it - I feel like it takes away from the beauty of the faucet (yes faucets can be beautiful). 


Finally, I added some new stuff to the Etsy shop (including the original hardware from the nightstand if it's your style) - check out the link on the right sidebar ->
I have a sale going on 10% off any orders over $50 - just use code SPRING10OFF (good through the end of the month).

I'm still working on painting my console so I'll show that off in my next post with the nightstand.  I did finish two other projects - one turned out great...the other was a complete disaster...

Skeleton Keys - I glued a piece of stained (Minwax Ebony) 1/2" birch plywood into a vintage frame - I then tapped in some nails and hung my skeleton key collection.  I like how it turned out but it's going to be an OCD nightmare keeping them all straight...

Here's the fail...I decided I wanted to make my own glittered initial...then I ran out of glitter...mainly because I spilled it all over myself...if anyone needs a DIY on how to make your wall-to-wall carpet sparkly just let me know ;)


Better get painting :)
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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