Friday, March 15, 2013

Eleven Things Volume 12

1.  I'm emotionally attached to people...places...and definitely things.  I'm trading in my car next week.  I've had it just about 9 years now and I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry and cause a scene when they drive it away...

2.  I'm super-obsessed with the color navy lately. love them all.  I've decided on a paint color for my bedroom...and my new car is even dark blue...go figure...

3. I have a feeling this is going to take 87 coats to cover...even with the paint/primer in one.  The color is Indigo Streamer by Valspar.  I ordered a new paint roller thing that is supposed to make painting super-easy....I'll let you know how it works
4. I went to a vintage/home sale last weekend in Glenwood - I found these two great treasures - an old wooden rolling pin and a little preserved plant - I forget what kind this's not boxwood like the big now that's going to bug me... 

5.  I have a milestone birthday coming up in less than 2 months...I really want to go on a fabulous vacation but with putting a roof on the house and buying a new car...AND replacing an exterior door...I just don't see it happening 

6.  Speaking of the roof...not as exciting as treasure hunting but here's the final result:

7.  I haven't kept up with my shred diet at all...need to get back on track next week.

8.  I finally found drapes at Target for my bedroom de-girl-ifying project - I'll share some photos once I get the room painted and get everything styled. 

9.  I re-worked my closet 'room' (again)...I also purged some items which helped the room feel less cluttered...#workinprogress

10.  I really need to reform my shopaholic tendencies... all I keep thinking about are all the great barn sales and antique sales going on this weekend...

11.  I updated my profile photo - on the right sidebar...I can't figure out how to make it bigger without it taking up the whole page...sorry if you have to get out your magnifying glass :)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Painting up a storm

I'm exhausted...I feel like going to bed and it's only 4:30...good grief...

I didn't leave the house most of yesterday and all of today - I've been busy - check out my progress:

Closer shots of my new pillows from HomeGoods:

Here are the 'befores' of both pieces:

The console still looks kind of messy to me - it was hard to paint around the adhesive for the mirrored sections.  But I'll live with it a while and see how I feel.

The nightstand...sigh...  I started with Annie Sloan in Paris Gray...then I decided I was going to add some Valspar black enamel...that looked too faux-y to me.  I tried a coat of Annie Sloan in Napoleonic Blue.  Yeah, no. 

So, then I tried a coat of Valspar in City Storm (leftover from my Art cabinet ).  Then, I had serious painter's remorse and wanted to strip it all off (the paint that is)...I'm leaving it for now...mainly because once I styled it I actually kind of like it...we'll see...if it's not nailed down I just might change it :)

Looks more blue than I expected but i'm going with it. I love how my new trinket box works with the styling.  My fishnet-covered tissue box even looks good :)  (if I do say so myself). 

Here's a another shot of the full room with both nightstands.  They don't match and I kind of dig that. 

This next project isn't that exciting but I spent for-ever on it and have the blisters to prove it - I insisted on changing my towel rack to this lovely version from Threshold (Target).  Yeah - check me out - that's drilling through the tile people.  Not easy. 

Have you checked out Bauble Bar yet?  I LOVE their jewelry.  Yes, I make my own...and I buy vintage...and I buy fine stuff from Jared...and costume from Bauble Bar.  So?  Chicks love jewelry :) 

You can follow this link and get $10 off your first order:

Here are a few of the pieces I've bought from BB:


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Treasure Hunting in PA & A Few Projects

I took the day off on Friday and decided to head out to Gettysburg for some treasure hunting.  I did some research and wrote down a few addresses of antique malls that sounded promising - well they certainly had stuff but way over my budget.

I ended up finding stuff at a few places I spotted on the way to other stores. 

Drum roll please...

I found a nightstand!

I actually put another nightstand on hold earlier in the morning at a consignment shop but it wasn't perfect - I'm glad I waited because I L-O-V-E this one.  Now last night I was having doubts about painting it - I was kind of digging the original finish and it wasn't in bad shape...but the hardware definitely isn't me...and proved to be a fight to now I've damaged the front of the drawer a little bit but I'm glad - because now I don't feel bad about painting it!

But I'm not so sure about my hardware choice yet... I was going for navy blue for my bedroom and these are looking purple (the color my bedroom is now...).

I plan to paint the nightstand gray so I'll re-evaluate the hardware once I'm done.  I'll show the transformation in my next post :)

Meanwhile did anyone know it was supposed to snow today?  Huge flakes right now...I missed the memo...

Anyway...I also found three great blazers at a thrift shop in PA - I paid $19 for all three - then spent about $20 to get them dry cleaned...go figure...

I picked up these shoes at DSW - love them.  Also, found this adorable silver jewelry trinkey box (lined in navy blue velvet <3) at a consignment shop...the pillows are from HomeGoods and are going to look amazing on my bed. 

I wonder what it's like to have self control??

My father also installed my kitchen faucet for me - I love how it looks - but the water pressure seems a little light so we may have to look into that.  I'm also not sure if I want to keep my salvaged grate hung on the while behind it - I feel like it takes away from the beauty of the faucet (yes faucets can be beautiful). 


Finally, I added some new stuff to the Etsy shop (including the original hardware from the nightstand if it's your style) - check out the link on the right sidebar ->
I have a sale going on 10% off any orders over $50 - just use code SPRING10OFF (good through the end of the month).

I'm still working on painting my console so I'll show that off in my next post with the nightstand.  I did finish two other projects - one turned out great...the other was a complete disaster...

Skeleton Keys - I glued a piece of stained (Minwax Ebony) 1/2" birch plywood into a vintage frame - I then tapped in some nails and hung my skeleton key collection.  I like how it turned out but it's going to be an OCD nightmare keeping them all straight...

Here's the fail...I decided I wanted to make my own glittered initial...then I ran out of glitter...mainly because I spilled it all over myself...if anyone needs a DIY on how to make your wall-to-wall carpet sparkly just let me know ;)


Better get painting :)
Happy Treasure Hunting!