Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shop-aholic tendencies

I'm the first one to admit...I'm a shopaholic.  I'm an emotional shopper...and eater I guess.  Which reminds me - I'm doing the 6 week shred diet...I'm only on day 3 and it's rough.  I had a bunch of tortilla chips today with homemade not on the list of things I'm allowed to be eating...

So remember in my last post how I had a priority list of home improvements and stuff I need to spend money on?  Yeah...well the wheels are in motion and all but I certainly lost my mind with shopping this week. 

Beyond all the food I had to buy for this diet (shouldn't I be eating less??)...I bought a new pair of Ugg boots, another North Face jacket (it was on sale :/), a North Face fleece, a pair of expensive sunglasses...and two Coach bags (they were 50% off the Factory price!)...not all in one sitting but close enough.  Ugh...and yet I sit here feeling suffocated by all my possessions...Is it just me? 

I did make a couple small purchases that I don't feel so bad is a rug for my kitchen.  I've been looking at all of these expensive West Elm rugs - which are lovely - but at the end of the day it's going in the kitchen and will most likely get all kinds of crap spilled on it...I found this gem at Ikea for $29.99.  Yeah you read right...

I fixed the 'rolling issue' by placing some heavy stuff at the end of the rug overnight and it is laying perfectly now. 

I found a preserved boxwood topiary-ish arrangement at HomeGoods for $29.99.  I think it looks pretty cute on my kitchen sink - and I can't kill it!

I had someone come out to do an estimate for replacing my basement door today - just found out it's going to be over $1000 (not including the non-refundable $51 I paid for the estimate).  Pretty bummed because it's so expensive and I can't get any glass in the door - so it will just be a plain boring steel door.  I told the guy over and over again my door now is 28" (with glass ahem) but he didn't believe me...apparently you can't get a new door in that size with glass. are you supposed to look out and make sure there isn't an ax murderer waiting for you on the other side??

Not sure what to door is looking pretty shabby :(


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