Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making a Small Difference in the Kitchen

Happy President's Day weekend to you!

So far this weekend I've had another door estimate for my basement door...can I tell you it's so not fun spending money on things like basement doors and roofs...but that's homeownership for you.  At least I found a company that can custom make a door for me with glass.  So if an axe murderer is waiting for me at least I'll see him.  Paranoid much?

I also went car shopping...didn't get very far because a) I'm emotionally attached to my car (yes, I know it's not normal) b) the salesperson was very condescending.  I don't do condescending. 

I went to Lowes (who is sort of on my crap list for the whole door estimate situation but I'll get over it) looking for a new kitchen faucet but they didn't have exactly what I'm looking for and I refuse to settle anymore. 

I also fell way off my shred diet by having a regular soda and pizza (those new pizza sliders from Pizza Hut).  No working out yet either...I'll do better next week :(

I did make a few small changes to my kitchen.  I found a great basket at HomeGoods ($14.99) - for my cutting boards and cookie sheets.  I've been wanting to do this forever.  So much easier than trying to keep them in a drawer. 

They just don't make them like they used to...
I had to move some things is my little painted table redo:
(If you remember the lamp that was's going to make a reappearance in my master bedroom redecoration plan...stay tuned)
I thought about listing these vintage depression glass perfume bottles in my Etsy Shop (because who really needs little perfume bottles) but they're just so beautiful, I don't think I can...

So, with all of this spending (basement door, roof, previously mentioned shopping sprees) I'll be taking a break from fabulous vacations, shopping and big home projects.  So expect to see me reallllly trying to stretch a buck over here, I promise it will still be fun and interesting (I hope!).  There's even an estate sale calling my name about 5 minutes away and I'm trying to keep away...::sigh::

Happy Treasure Hunting (if your budget allows ;) )

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