Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eleven Things Volume 11 I might have more than 11...probably going to have lots of random thoughts (what's new?)'ve been warned :)

1.  This was the longest short week ever...

2.  A lady stopped me in the parking lot at the grocery store this morning to tell me how cute my car is and to keep it 'forever'...that settles it...

3.  On President's Day I decided to finally tackle my kitchen backsplash...pretty soon after I moved in (yes over FIVE years ago) the granite backsplash pulled away from the wall...not my idea of a good time...

So, I found caulk saver (you read right, there is such a thing) and some caulk and got to work.  I used Frog Tape for the first time (I've always been a blue tape kinda girl).  No complaints about the tape...just one piece of advice - if you're going to do this - once you've inserted the caulk saver down into the crack between the wall and the countertop - add your bead of caulk, smooth with your finger and then REMOVE the tape - don't be like me.  I left it overnight and figured I'd paint the clear caulk in the morning and not have to re-tape...well when you pull the tape off the caulk comes off as well. I wasn't going for perfection anyway right??

 I reworked my countertop styling:
 Yes, eagle-eyes my oven is a mess - hey I cook here ;)
4.  I'm still on the 6-week shred first green smoothie...wasn't bad.  I'm allowing myself to drink a Coke on the weekends and not completely stick to the meal-timing.  This next week is supposed to be the toughest.  I've got to get on track with the working out too, I've been slacking. 

5.  I bought myself flowers at the grocery pretty, is it Spring yet?


6.  I got up early Saturday morning to go to an estate sale...I stood in line in the freezing rain...for this piece...but I ended up leaving empty-handed.  They wanted $30 and half the back was missing...just too much work :(  So my nightstand search continues!

7.  I finally picked out a kitchen faucet that I love - my Dad is coming to install it on Thursday - can't wait to see how it looks - I'll share photos once it's in.

8.  I went to Carlisle, PA to treasure hunt (I'm clearly not sticking to my no-spending promise either).  Most of the shops weren't for me but I did find a few treasures:

A vintage lady finger pan, a 'huge' stone ring, an ornate old spreader, and two skeleton keys.  I feel like Zsa Zsa with this ring on, love it!

9. I also stopped at the bead store and picked up some supplies.  I made two new necklaces - one is listed in the Etsy shop -> Minty Dream Necklace

10.  Have you watched Chasing the Saturdays yet?  I love their accents - jamming to one of their songs right now (they've finally released a few on iTunes).
11.  Am I the only one who does this?  I'm leaning towards this blue called Moon Shade for my Master Bedroom re-decoration plan - but I haven't made up my mind yet. 

12.  I bought this curtain rod from Target for my bedroom - faux mercury glass.  Now I just need to find velvet drapes in either navy or charcoal (depending on what wall paint color I go with).

13.  I've chosen a roofer and a door company for my basement door - now just waiting for them to get started and wait for the invoices to pile in...blah...

14.  I bought some chalk paint this weekend and decided to jump on the bandwagon...I'm not the President of the fan club just yet.  Don't get me wrong, I like that you don't have to sand but I was expecting miracles for the amount of $$ this paint costs. 

I decided to finally paint the console table in my bedroom - I never really loved the cherry wood:

There's a lot of glue around the mirrored pieces (just so you don't think I'm a super-sloppy painter when you see the finished project).

Current styling on the table (so I don't forget what I had there, things move quick around here).  Here's with a coat or so of chalk paint:

15.  I don't think I've painted anything this light in...forever?

16.  I commend you if you're still with me at this point :)

17.  I bought a new lunch bag - does that excite anyone else but me?

18.  I think I'll keep my lady finger pan here while I'm not using it...

19.  I have a project that I'm working on with my skeleton keys - I want to show my collection in a different way than I have them now.  My ever-changing gallery wall:

20.  Glare from the window makes it hard to see - but this is another photo from CA that I made into a canvas.  Love Shutterfly!
21.  Does the weekend have to be over already??
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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