Sunday, February 3, 2013

Eleven Things Volume 10

1.  It's been snowing off and on the past couple of days - just enough to be annoying.  I'm thinking I should have gone out yesterday to buy food versus shopping at Lucketts :/

2.  It was so crowded at Lucketts there was no way I could take a minute to even really look around...let alone take any photos for this post.  Sheesh.  I did pick these up blue faceted knobs.  For my new bedroom nightstand...that I've yet to find...

3. I know what you're thinking...those sure look girly...yeah I didn't say I was cured...just a work-in-progress...speaking of...I think I'm leaning towards charcoal gray walls with navy velvet drapes for my bedroom.

4.  I've added a few new items to the Etsy shop - photos below - you can follow the Etsy Shop link on the right sidebar --->

 5.  If you're a collect-a-holic like me - what do you do with all your stuff?  When you've decided to part with it?  Yard sales, Etsy, eBay, donate? 

I struggle with this because when I've decided to get rid of something I don't really want it hanging around (where I could easily change my mind and keep it) - which is the case with selling on Etsy/eBay.  Plus, there are so many fees and shipping costs.  I would love to have a huge yard sale but it's too cold right now (and so much work).

6.  I changed up my gallery wall (again) - still not sure I'm in love with it yet.  I bought the new butterfly on Etsy.  Not as bright as I had hoped but still very pretty. 

7. I received my second horseshoe letter in the mail last week.  I like how they turned out.   

8. I bought this cute chevron fabric bin from Target (only $16.99).  I'm using it to hold some of my overflow from my bookcase styling.   

9.  Have I mentioned that I love the new Threshold line at Target?  Really cute, well-made affordable stuff.  (in my opinion anyway)  I picked up this towel hook bar for my bathroom.  I want to replace the existing builder-grade boring one (below) with the four hooks that just seem more functionable for my to figure out how to drill through the stone tile....  

10.  Organization is good for the soul.  I re-organized under my kitchen sink this weekend.  I love being able to reach everything - there's a huge space in the back by the plumbing but I'd rather have it that way so I'm not having to reach into the black hole for cleaning products. 

I use some of my vintage finds (silver serving dishes and milk glass compotes) for holding some of my dishwashing necessities. 

11.  I also found this pot lid organizer from Threshold.  I have it on top of my cabinets so I can keep everything organized without cluttering up a cabinet (I don't have that many as it is). 

Do you keep priority lists or wish lists for things around the house?  I submitted my taxes this week and while my refund isn't earth-shattering - I'd like to fix something around the house with it - but how do you decide?  I'd love to renovate my bathroom - it's one of those situations though where it's okay but just not my taste - I wouldn't have chosen the finishes in my bathroom or kitchen for that matter - but how do feel good about ripping out granite countertops??

This is my list for now...obviously my tax refund won't go far but it's a start:

1.  New roof (refund would maybe go towards the down payment)
2.  New faucet in the kitchen
3.  Basement exterior door replacement
4.  Fix/replace fence
5.  Fix/extend driveway
6.  Edging on front flower beds
7.  Crown molding in master bedroom
8.  New mattress for bedroom
9.  Bathroom renovation - refinish tub, replace tile, etc
10.  New car (not for the house but still needed)
11.  Laptop
Any house projects in the works with your tax refunds?

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