Saturday, January 26, 2013

De-Girl-ifying the House

How's that for a title?  I came back from a trip after Christmas and realized that my house is really...well...girly.  I mean, I am a chick but I don't want my house to feel so frou-frou that people don't feel comfortable in it.  I'm definitely not the princess-type after all. 

So, I'm starting with my bedroom.  The biggest offender in the house, I'd say.  I have lavender walls for goodness sake...and sparkle galore.  Don't worry the chandeliers are staying...but I don't think the paint color is. 

By the way, I bought myself Lightroom for Christmas and finally installed it today.  After trying to edit the following photo in Lightroom-I realized I don't know what the crap I'm doing.  So, I'm going to get a book for idiots or something and revisit. 

I'm thinking these may be the first to go...

I'm looking at a couple navy blue paint colors from Valspar but I haven't made my final choice yet.  With all of the dark furniture I have in there it might make it too dark so I want to choose wisely. 

I've already purchased the ocean canvas that I mention in the plan above (a photo from my trip a few weeks ago) - please excuse the un-made bed:

I've also made some resolutions to spend less this year (of course) - but I do have a few finds to share with you:

A pretty aqua-painted basket from Target - I'm using it as a trash can in my office and I love it.  One disclaimer - if you go buy one - it's more delicate than you think - I already broke through part of it quasi-man-handling it (you can sorta see the damage in the top left-hand corner)

I bought this 'A' initial from a company on Etsy called BlacksmithCreations.  It's made out of upcycled horseshoes!  I also purchased a 'M' that should be arriving shortly.  Would be a great idea for a wedding gift. 

Lastly, I found another agate bookend at HomeGoods and added it to my bookcase styling.  I almost bought two more that I found at my local store - a matching set.  But...after all I am trying to cut back on frivolous spending :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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