Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Starting to look a lot like Christmas...

So normally I would love a good snow storm...but not this week...not when I'm flying tomorrow...

Dear Mother Nature...can you hold off until I get back from my vacation, please?  Going to pray that the weather improves by tomorrow morning...and that these headaches I've had for about two weeks now go away.  Hopefully that's not asking too much?

I wanted to share my Christmas decorations (I've shown a few sneak peeks so far) as well as my Christmas Eve dinner table. 

This is how the table looked before I figured out my centerpiece situation:

I found a place for my preserved boxwood wreath from decorsteals - my Mom bought this for me as an early Christmas present and I love it.  I like the contrast between the greens, the vintage silvery velvet ribbon and the different woodtones of the yardsticks.


I'm kind of obsessed with how my centerpiece turned out...prepare for photo-overload :)   I used some of my blue depression glass compotes as vases and filled them with white roses and tulips. 



Some other holiday shots around the house:




Hope you're staying safe and warm this holiday season :)

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