Sunday, December 16, 2012

Office Bookcase Styling Reveal

So, I broke down and bought a second bookcase from Wayfair-I just loved the first one so much. 

Well, I was about an inch off in my I had to juggle things around and finally decided to take the door off the hinges and voila...everything fits.  Not ideal...but I don't usually close that door anyway. 


Please excuse the awful stucco-ish ceiling...every other wall and ceiling was re-done in the house but this one...not sure what the renovators were thinking...

I also bought new drapes for the office from Wayfair - they're a really pretty deep navy blue.  I bought the curtain rod from HobbyLobby.  The finials look like tortoise shell glass.  I was going to spray them but I kind of like how they look with the blue.

Tricky to get a good shot of my desk with all the light that comes through the window.  I really need to install my photoshop software :)

I was thinking about looking for a new old desk to makeover for my office but for now I like my old drafting table.  I'll have to see if I come across any cool old wooden desks while treasure hunting. 

Some close-up shots of the bookcase styling:

I'm not in love with the styling on the left shelf yet but I'm okay with it being a work-in-progress.

 I found this beautiful purple stone bookend at HomeGoods (who thought I'd actually stay away with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket??)

I'm having Christmas Eve dinner at my house and I've started decorating and setting the table. I'll post more photos once everything is set on the table.  I'm thinking about getting some flowers for the centerpiece (to fill my blue depression glass bowls).

Happy Holidays!

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