Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yard stick Reveal & Eleven Things Volume 8

I've finally made something with all of those yard sticks I've been collecting! 

My Dad made the shadowbox for me based on my very elaborate drawing:

I used my favorite stain - Minwax's Ebony stain.  It took a million coats... it usually comes out more of a charcoal gray (versus a dark black). 

Here is the finished project: 

I love my new vignette!  I repurposed stuff from around my house to fill the console table top.  As you can see I have some extra room in the shadowbox for more yardsticks...so the search continues!  I have a few left over that are pretty plain (I prefer the ones with old lettering and advertising).  If they weren't so long I'd sell them :)

Now on to Eleven things...

1.  Did you vote?? I did...first thing this morning.  So thankful for the right...even though it was 35 degrees out this morning.

2.  I jumped on the painted toy bandwagon yesterday.  If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed some gold painted toys as bookends and funky objects on bookshelves.  Well, I don't do gold so I painted my lil Elephant in silver.  I think he's pretty cute.

3.  What do you think of 'copying' other people's projects you see on blogs or Pinterest?  People seem to get really bent out of shape...isn't that why you post stuff for the world to see?  So other people appreciate it too?  If you want to go to Toys R Us and buy an Elephant (they're on sale this week!) and paint it silver...Be My Guest. 'Copy' away :)

4.  A Nor'Easter is coming this way...I'm not a fan. 

5.  I bought all of these ingredients to make this chicken that everyone RAVED about on Pinterest.  Didn't like it. Should have been called 'mess up your kitchen-chicken'

6.  I read Nate Berkus' new book over a few nights and the stories about people's things are amazing.  Also read Miss Mustard Seed's book and LOVED it. 

7.  I would like a vacation, preferably with treasure hunting involved...and waterfalls.  Please and thank you. 

8.  I made a separate board for just trophies & loving cups on Pinterest.  Obsessed. 

9.  It's super cold outside...yet I want a slurpee from 7-11. 

10.  I need more command strips.  Just realized I didn't mention above - I attached the yard sticks to the wood shadow box with a bajillion velcro command strips - cut in half length-wise to save money...but I need MORE. 

11.  I've been painting up a storm and listed some new stuff on Etsy (also added a store button on the sidebar to the right ---> (FiveElevenDecor on Etsy)

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Love the new display for your yard sticks! Love the elephant too, may have to try that. Guess I better get one while they are on sale.

    1. Thanks so much! You better hurry-there are horses and dinosaurs too :)

  2. the painted elephant is SUCH a great idea AND lucky for you the trunk is up - sign of good fortune!

    1. Haha I know I was hunting through the toy store getting looks as I looked for one with the trunk up!