Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday decorating & Eleven Obsessions #3

I haven't posted for a while because I've been going through some things that have been pretty tough. But I want this to be a happy space so I'd like to share my finds from this weekend and hopefully inspire you to make something you're proud of...get out there and treasure hunt...or just believe that things will get better...

I decided to decorate for the holidays today.  I haven't decorated since my best friend, Lucy passed away.  Yes, she was a dog.  But she was so much more than that.  It was hard to imagine putting up a tree without her coming along to pull ornaments off the bottom branches and run away with them. 

 I found more yard sticks so I finished off my yard stick 'art'...sorry about the lighting - the sun had already set and my dining room is so dark to begin with...

This glass case I found on Decor Steals - pretty cool site if you haven't checked them out yet:  Decor Steals  (if you sign up using my referral link you get $5 once you create a free account and make your first purchase). 


I sort of hit the mother lode in trophy-land.  I found a shop in PA with a seller that seems to have stumbled across all the great trophies of the world...I went a little overboard...I bought I'm selling one in my Etsy shop (Trophy)...I'd love to keep them all but it's getting out of hand...

Here's the entire collection...


I've made a few necklaces that I've listed in my Etsy shop (Necklaces) - I'm tempted to keep them for I've tried to make a copy to keep so it's not as difficult to give them up :)

Finally, here some of my obsessions/finds from my online treasure hunting (mostly from Urban Outfitters):
1.  Vintage marquee - style light up letter reproductions - via Urban Outfitters - Ampersand
2.  I've been searching for the perfect bookshelves for quite a while now...I'm absolutely in love with these but they're too wide for my space - marble shelves - via Wayfair - Home Styles Orleans Shelves
3.  Silver elephant piggy bank - reminiscent of my spray paint project via Urban Outfitters - Elephant
4.  Iconic Love hooks - would be so cute by the front door via Urban Outfitters - Love Hook
5.  Dressforms - I keep finding amazing antique ones but the prices are outrageous - these reproductions are a little more affordable - the chevron pattern is pretty cool but I'd probably go with the more traditional one via Urban Outfitters - dress form traditional
6.  I'm obsessed with these hooks and have purchased a couple handfuls for hanging all of my favorite necklaces via Urban Outfitters (clear)
7.  Antique-style camera piggy bank via Urban Outfitters - bank
8.  Amazing butterfly print - this would look so pretty with a thick black frame and white matting via Urban Outfitters - butterflies
9.  Anthro coasters - looks like gems of agate - so pretty and each one is unique via Anthro coasters
10.  Bird metal spinning earring holder - I have this myself and it keeps everything organized - also reminds you of all the earrings you already have via Urban Outfitters Bird stand 
11.  Anthro jewelry box - looks like antique mercury glass so pretty via Anthro Rose Mallow jewelry box
Disclaimer - I haven't been compensated by any of these companies, I just found their products and love them and wanted to share. 
Happy Treasure Hunting


  1. Alisa,

    I didn't know you had a blog until now! I loved looking through all of your posts. Everything you find/put together is so beautiful!! Keep posting :) I will be sure to keep reading.


    1. Thanks Kaitlyn! I appreciate you taking the team to ready my little blog :)