Monday, October 15, 2012

House Proud V2

Since I bought my new lens I decided to give it a whirl and take some photos around the house.  I change things around pretty much all the time - so this is an update on my first 'House Proud Tour.'  (also a good way to get yourself to pick up around the house)
Light was a bit of a challenge - the sun was going down so there's a lot of shadows but I think you get the jist of the spaces.  I love how the wide angle lens show so much of the rooms. 
* Office/Gym/Bookshelf bonanza *


* Bathroom *

 * Hallway (upstairs) *
* Master Bedroom *

* Vanity Room *

* Closet Room *


* Living Room *

* Dining Room *



* Kitchen *



Happy Treasure Hunting!

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