Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eleven Things Volume 7

1.  I really just feel like dancing after the day I had today...but I want to write this post so I'll settle for dancing in my desk chair to my iTunes :)

2.  I really felt like treasure hunting this weekend so I drove allllll the way back to Frederick on Saturday.  Beautiful scenery though :)

3.  Here are my treasures!  I went to Chartreuse and Stylish Patina's sale.  Definitely spent more than I planned to. 

Can't seem to pass up old silver, skeleton keys and drawers...these are particular rust-ic...

ASCP, old sign letter, agate bookend (from HomeGoods)

Couldn't pass up these metal numbers - FiveEleven!

Kept putting the wooden spool back - wasn't sure I really needed it.  But I love the old green paint on the ends. 

The atlas I picked up at an estate sale - lots of great maps to use for projects.  It's not very old (from the 80s) but it sure smells like it's been around :/

4. I swear my little point-and-shoot digital takes better photos sometimes than my expensive DSLR. I only took a few photos in the first barn because there were people everywhere.


5.  MAN chalk paint is expensive.  You probably thought by now I've tried ASCP...nope I've been avoiding it because I'm not usually into the chippy look (or the expense) but I'm going to give it a try.  Of course, I'm not trying creamy white or anything...I went for a tester of Napoleonic Blue.

6.  Of course if you buy the paint you have to get the wax...and the special brush...good I just need to find a piece of furniture to try it on.  Anyone have an awesome antique piece of furniture they don't want anymore??

7.  Stylish Patina's barn is on a horse farm...I tried to make friends with the locals while I was waiting for them to open.  I wish I had my real camera with me...the fence was really getting in the way but they didn't seem all that friendly either.  Wish my Mom was with me since she's a horse expert (or at least compared to me she is :) 


8.  Treasure hunting is hard work...I went to an estate sale that sounded amazing...turns out all the great stuff was sold WAY before I got there.  To get there you had to drive on some questionable 'roads' Dad suggests I get a SUV if I'm going to 'continue this nonsense'...gotta love parents!

9.  Here is my updated reading nook.  I'm still working on it, not sure I like the aqua table there.  But I LOVE my pharmacy lamp.  Awesome. 

10.  I'm using the wooden spool I found at the barn sale as a candle holder.

11.  Do you know how to get old paint off of an old metal tool drawer cabinet thing?  Yeah, me either.  Apparently paint stripper doesn't do it...might have to just try to sand the heck outta of be continued...

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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  1. You used the spool as a candle holder...of course! you are genius girlie! Love it.