Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eleven Things Volume 6 - Road trip!

My TREASURES this week!!

1.  Estate sales were pretty much a bust this week - I went to two during the week - one was in this amazing house (literally an estate) and packed with stuff.  I bought this little pewter dish and metal frame.  The second was a major let down.  The man running the sale was so rude and smoked the entire time inside the house...ugh.  He wanted more than I wanted to pay and I didn't like the attitude so I just left with my $1 purchase.  Meanwhile...cops were writing people tickets for parking on the street (the only place you could park)...sheesh 

2.  I drove about an hour out of my way to check out this armoire that I heard someone was giving away for free.  Once I got there I realized there was no way I could lift it or fit it in my car...oh well hopefully someone else enjoyed it!

3.  I found these amazing lamps at HomeGoods during lunch one day.  I'm kind of obsessed with them but can't let myself buy any more lamps...

4.  My Mom and I had another yard sale this weekend.  It wasn't nearly as busy as the one we had a few months ago but we still sold quite a bit.  Yard sales definitely make me realize just how crazy people are though...a random guy actually asked my Mom to use the bathroom inside the house...I don't think so buddy. 

5.  We stopped at a barn sale I've been wanting to check out for a while - they only have a few sales a year.  I didn't find anything I had to have but there were a few interesting pieces...



6.  We had an amazing lunch at PF Changs - this was our dessert and my fortune (pretty fitting I think)...sorry it's so blurry it was pretty dark

7.  I also found new pillows for my couch in my living room...the bright blue pillows are what I have now, the gray are the new ones...trying to decide which I like better...

8.  On Sunday I got up and decided to visit Adamstown, PA. They call the town the Antiques Capital of the US. I can't believe I haven't explored this town until now. A-ma-zing. A bit of a drive but definitely worth it - especially during the Antiques Extravaganza weekend. 

My first stop was Shupp's Grove - which is an outdoor antique market (aka a big 'ole flea market) I felt like I was missing stuff even though I tried to hit every table.  If you're looking for yard sticks this is the place for you...I've never seen so many in one place...but alas they didn't come cheap...

These are the yard sticks I bought from two different sellers: 
I also picked up this great metal fan...I'm still working on her placement with her new friends :)

9.  About a mile from the market I stopped at the Mad Hatter Antique Mall and it's sister store the Pine Hill Antique Mall.  I found this great vintage ring (the photo does not do it justice), mason good luck jar, and these funky vintage letters...scroll down to see what I made with them! 


This cool house was right near the parking lot...I love the patina.

Illegal photos from inside the antique mall :)

10.  My last stop was actually on the way back home in Columbia, PA at Burning Bridge Antiques Market.  Two stories of awesome-ness.  I found this amazing vintage blue bracelet anddddddd these fabulous trophies!!! I literally almost knocked the guy over with the key to get them out of the case...he even said man you really want these old trophies, huh??  The curvy one is from May 2, 1914. If it said May 11 I might have fainted right then and there.  I know it's probably not normal to get all excited about some junk but that's just me. 

I love the detail on this card catalog...

11.  My LOVE letter project - I searched all over HobbyLobby and HomeGoods looking for a shadowbox or frame to fit the letters (of course I didn't bring them with me).  I ended up finding this unfinished 'Basswood canvas' at Michaels. 

I turned it over and used it as my own custom shadow box and the letters fit perfectly!  I used Minwax in ebony and brushed/ragged it on. 

Not to be corny but I just *love* how this turned out.  The 'O' was originally gold so I gave that a quick spray paint and the letters actually came with adhesive pads on the back of each letter so I used those to adhere the letters to the wood before hanging up with command strips. 


Here is where I decided to hang it - on my office gallery wall...along with the seascapes, skeleton keys, sign letters (As) and my rhinestone brooch collection :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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