Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eleven Obsessions #2 & A Day Off

I took the day off from work yesterday and decided to explore Frederick, MD for the day.  I didn't find any treasures that I couldn't live without so the trip was kind of disappointing. 
Since the weather was so nice and the leaves are starting to change color I decided to stop by Cunningham Falls on my way home and try out my new camera lens.  Yes, you may remember that I mentioned the wide-angle lens in the first installment of 'Eleven Obsessions'...I took the plunge and bought it. 
I'm still getting used to it but below are a few shots from the falls...I think it's going to be great for room photos...I'll be able to get an entire room in the shot :)

Below is what I'm currently obsessing over:

1.  If you love parties and entertaining - this is the site for you.  I love how you can shop by color :) 

2.  Are you loving the Junk Gypsy show on HGTV as much as I am?  They inspired my trip to Austin. I didn't find nearly as much good junk as they do but I still found some treasures.  Their site has lots of gypsy-inspired clothes and accessories.  I'm digging these silver crown hooks and I'm obsessed over the blue shirt...but out of my price range right now with my lens purchase :/  Gypsyville Store

3.  This might seem silly but do you drink out of those reusable cups with the plastic straws?  I do every day at work.  I throw mine in the dishwasher but I was appalled at the stuff that was still in the straw...YUCK.  I found these sport straw brush things at my local Bed Bath and Beyond store.  These are similar - BBB-Straw cleaner

4.  I've also been obsessed with butterflies lately.  After my puppy passed away last year I would see a butterfly flying around at the most random times - when I would travel, when I went shopping with my Mom, when I left work and would feel upset that she wouldn't be there when I got home.  I like to think it's her sending me a message from Heaven that she's still with me in spirit. 

These blue butterflies are out of my price range but I may buy one single butterfly to hang in my house.  Beautiful specimens - Etsy - BentheButterflyGuy

5.  I found these great scarf necklaces on Etsy.  There are lots of colors available and a portion of the seller's proceeds go to charity - you can't go wrong.  Etsy - EcoShag

6.  I've lost a couple lens caps in my day - one in a pond in high school when I was in photo class...I really should get one of these Photojojo

7.  Red Velvet Yankee Candle...need I say more? YankeeCandle-RedVelvet

8.  American Beauty by Thom Filicia - I love his style and I think this book is going to be great when it comes out Amazon - American Beauty

9.  JCrew Jackie cardigans - just the right weight and length and great colors - a little pricey but they're good quality and you can sometimes hit a sale at the factory stores.  Factory Jackie Cardigan (on sale I wish I could buy a few more ;)

10.  Rani flats from Anthropologie.  Love the bejeweled design!  Anthro flats

11.  Puma H Street - I have a couple pairs of these - most recently the teal color - they're super comfortable and I love the bright colors - DSW - H street

**Disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with any of the above companies or have been compensated in any way, I just like their stuff and wanted to blog about it**

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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