Sunday, October 28, 2012

Announcement and a few projects

Well, Hurricane Sandy seems to be headed our way.  The wind has picked up here and it's very gray outside.  Hopefully it won't be nearly as bad as they're predicting.

I (of course) did not spend my time stocking up on non-perishables...instead I went to Havre de Grace on Saturday to check out the shopping and the lighthouse.  (I did make it to the grocery store parking lot but there were just WAY too many frantic shoppers...I fled the scene)

I stopped at D'Bohemia and Seneca Cannery.  Found a great tray and a mail sorter at D'Bohemia.  I thought they were older (turns out they're repros) but they're still pretty cool.  At the Cannery I found some silverplate spoons and some old keys.  I'm not sure what I'm doing with the spoons yet.  I did polish them up so I may just use them for their intended purpose (or a DIY project in the future depending on my mood :) )

I decided I only wanted to keep a few of the keys (they came as a set on a key ring).  So the others I'm selling in my brand-new ETSY shop!!!

Are you as excited as I am??  I've been an eBay seller for a while now but I've decided to give Etsy a try.  I'm going to sell any extra vintage/antique treasures that I discover as well as paintings...maybe even some handmade jewelry. 

The shop is under the same name as the blog so it will be an extension of this space.  I don't expect to strike it rich from this endeavor...just hoping to avoid someone signing me up for an intervention on Hoarders ;)

Speaking of paintings I might make a few more of these and sell them in the shop too:

At first I was kinda bummed that the paint seeped under the letters but I like how it looks like the letters are part of the paint or 'water'


My gallery wall continues to change...I love moving stuff around

Update on my trophy collection - I found another great loving cup on eBay...paid a lot for this one but I do love it. 
Here is an update on my metal drawers...couldn't get all of the paint off (and trust me I tried) but there is enough of the metal showing through that I LOVE the finished product.  I tried rust remover, soaking the most rust-covered pieces in coca-cola, baking soda.  In the end the only thing that worked was scouring pads (I like 3M)...go figure
I also lined the drawers with maps from the atlas I found at an estate sale last weekend (ElevenThingsVolume7)
I finally transplanted the hydrangeas in my urns and planted some mums for fall.  Love the color...and I got them 50% off at Lowes :) Gotta love a deal!

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Love the new finds and the mums are gorgeous! Stay safe and dry.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment Christopher. So far so good, I'm lucky to have power so I feel pretty grateful :)

  3. KEYS and SPOONS...a great combo:) Your style is awesome.