Monday, September 17, 2012

Eleven Things Volume 5 & DIY Fix

1.  I love working from home when I have the chance.  My dishwasher had to be fixed because it had a recall for catching on fire :/

2.  Which reminds me I need to break out the label maker and fix my breaker box...turning them ALL on and off is not a good look...

3.  Am I the only one who has run out of wall space to decorate??  Whenever I see people on HGTV who are stumped on decorating their walls I just can't identify with them...

4.  I decided to try my hand at paint chip art.  (Disclaimer: I did not go to Lowes and raid their supply just for this-these are all from past projects-not that I'm hating if you do that sort of thing).  I used my Mom's Stampin' Up 1" punch so all of the squares are uniform.  Then, I used double stick tape and fastened them to a black project board from HobbyLobby.  So quick and easy-just arrange as you like and glue/tape down.  I did mine while watching football last night :)

5.  No, it's not perfect and I LOVE that...I took my spigot handles down and hung it with command strips on the back of my office closet door.  I might try to find a frame for it...of course I made it an odd size 14x20...grrr. 

6.  I went to two estate sales this weekend...and I use that term was seriously beyond junk...the other was a yard sale...literally...but I did score this great engraving labeled 'Purity' and a little mason jar - total $6.  I just love her hair (hmm wonder why)...

7.  Here is my little estate find shelf/nightstand.  I decided to paint it Atlantic Schooner by Valspar.  I'd show you the paint chip but I'm pretty sure I cut it up for my project above...whoops. I'm using it for accessories in my closet room.  I've added the Purity engraving to the mix, I like how she's watching over everything. 

Here is the 'before' shot:

8.  I'm addicted to decorating magazines.  I just can't go digital, I get so excited when I see them in my mailbox. 

9.  I did another DIY project this weekend-I finally tackled my convex frame that I got an estate sale a million years ago. I used two salvaged metal sign letters that I found on Etsy.  I had to make a back for the frame so I used the other half of my black project board from Hobby Lobby and it worked perfectly. 

I used my old brayer from print making in college but the bottom of a drinking glass would work to smooth everything out too.  

I mounted the letters to a vintage nautical chart (also from an estate sale) using command strips.

Side shot - trying to show the old convex glass 

10.  Sometimes projects go horribly wrong...this was one of those times.  The convex frame was really really old and brittle and completely shattered when I was trying to nail in the hanging hardware...for a second I thought about scratching the whole project and moping...but instead I gooped (that's a technical term) on all kinds of wood filler and paint and put that sucker back together.  The funny thing is I was just thinking how maybe I'd keep the original chippy marbled silver finish...oh well I like how my own 'finish' turned out  :) (Before shot - Convex Frame)

11.  I'm still kind of anxious that the whole thing might fall apart in the middle of the night and give me a heart attack...but I'm willing to take that risk :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Did you use any glue in addition to the wood filler to piece the frame back together? Looks great.

  2. Yes, I used Scotch maximum strength adhesive which is my go-to glue for pretty much everything. It worked great. Thanks for the question :)