Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eleven Things Volume 4

1.  So, I think I've given myself a headache from sanding and painting this weekend.  Good thing I didn't bust out the polyurethane too!  I did however devise a plan for painting table legs...16 total...
My ever-useful rolling rack from the Container Store...Yes, that's Sarah Richardson on the TV giving me all kinds of inspiration :)

2.  I went to three estate sales Saturday morning.  They were all pretty much a bust (and I really only went because I couldn't start sanding at 7 AM) but I did find this super cute little shelf/table and yard stick at the last sale.  I lugged the table downstairs to ask for a price and the guy asked me what I thought...which I loathe because I feel like if you name your price you're at a disadvantage...before I could say anything the guy said how about $5??  Um, YES! 

The finish was awful but I did find this little metal seal on the back which looks pretty cool.  I already sanded it (since I was on a roll) and I think I've found a place for to decide whether I want to paint it or try something different...

3.  That brings me to my nesting tables - a find from one of my first estate sales.  I'm thinking about selling them at my next yard you think anyone would buy them?  I think they're pretty cute.  Check out their 'before' -> estate-sale-nesting-tables

4.  I'm also thinking about selling my Green tufted chair in my dining room.  I love the shape of the chair and the tufted back but the color just doesn't go with the turquoise / teal I have in my dining room.   

5.  I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers...they really are magic...& a treasure hunters best friend!

6.  I reworked my console table over the weekend, I like how it turned out.  I tried to use stuff from around my house-the only thing I purchased were more of my favorite faux hydrangeas from HobbyLobby-I think I've bought out the stores near me now :/


I also finally bought my first trophy!  It's a tiny one for sure but I just love the detail on the handles!  I found it on eBay.  If you follow me on Pinterest you already know that I really love trophies (or any old silver for that matter)

7.  I reworked my nightstand to include my new beautiful antique book I found in Austin.  I love the colors and my mini-Eiffel tower collection to remind me of Paris.


8.  I painted my antique wall hanging that I also found in Austin and hung it over my kitchen entryway.  I used some simply putty stuff along with a sturdy screw to hang it. 

 9.  This is an awful photo but I finally found a use for my vintage frame that I found months ago - another place to showcase some skeleton keys. 

10.  I just love this chair...I know I've said it before but I really love how it turned out. 

11.  I received a request to list some of my favorite places to treasure hunt in the here goes:

Easy (in multiple cities or online):

Etsy - I find SO much vintage stuff that I want on Etsy...TOO much in fact :) but you have to search - I use this religiously when I want to hit some estate sales on the weekend - You plug in where you live and where you're going and it lists out all of the antique stores on your way
Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc - VERY much hit or miss but sometimes you find gold (or SILVER in my case!)

Worth the road trip (some are in my area, some require some gas $$$):

Ryan's Relics - Two stores - 7900 & 8100 Bel Air Rd.  They buy out estates - if you're looking for furniture they have quite a selection
Old Lucketts Store - (42350 Lucketts Rd Leesburg, VA) I love this place.  I wish they were closer.  Lots of great antiques, painted furniture, they now sell online too.  Worth a trip and not far from the Leesburg outlets :)
Chartreuse & Co - Near Frederick, MD - (4007A Buckeystown Pike) - 3 barns full of great vintage finds, repurposed furniture, I found a great mirror here. 
The Barn Show - Coming up!  September 28th-30th - they only have maybe two shows a year - in Gambrills, MD
Ekster Barn Sales - Hamilton, VA (also near Leesburg), you may want to bring a bigger vehicle to this one, you're definitely driving on grass/gravel.  Pricey but great finds - most from Europe. 
5&10 Antique Mall - North East, MD (115 South Main St) - they have sales regularly and I found some great stuff here. 
Art's Antique Alley - Found this gem on a whim driving back from Fenwick Island, DE.  Found so many great finds here and the prices were reasonable.  (9121 Antique Alley Bridgeville, DE)

On my list of future road trips:
Adamstown, PA (lots of antique stores)
Brooklyn, NY (lots of quirky stores and I dream of going to the Brooklyn Flea)
Gypsy Vintage - Lothian, MD, only one weekend a month - also located in a barn

Happy Treasure Hunting!


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