Saturday, September 22, 2012


Happy Fall!  Today, the weather has been just beautiful. I put my fall wreath on my front door this week.

Usually by now I would be home from treasure hunting and taking photos of all my junk to post here.  But I've been spending money like it's going out of style lately so I decided to sit today out.  Don't get me wrong...I certainly wanted to go out since the weather is so beautiful (and I heard about two great barn sales going on and a handful of estate sales...) but I guess I've got to leave some treasure for everyone else, right?

So, instead I started looking around and realizing how many collections I have.  Have you ever taken stock of everything you collect?  A woman at a yard sale asked me what I collect a few weekends ago and I was stumped...the list was so long in my head that it was hard to narrow it down to a respectful one or two I'm putting it all out are MY collections in no particular order...

Clothes / Bags / Shoes - This is my closet, I wouldn't say I 'collect' bags and clothes but I certainly do buy a lot so I'm going to count this as a collection


Vintage cameras - comes from my love for they're just beautiful


Milk glass - usually cheap at thrift stores so this collection is easy to start

Old silver - I don't love to polish but I do love the gleam of old silver (especially trophies/loving cups...I bought two very expensive trophies this week...hence my need to take have a 'staycation' at home)...this is just part of my silver collection...I have pieces all over the house


Lamps - I did a post a while back just on how many lamps I have...I haven't bought any since then so I'm pretty proud of myself

Mirrors - I just can't seem to pass them collection keeps growing

Blue depression glass - If you don't think these colors are beautiful...I don't think we can be friends.  This is my 'oldest' collection - I started collecting glass when I was a teenager with my Mom.

Light fixtures - I'm partial to crystal but I like capiz shell and vintage-y baskets too.  These are all in my house!


Vintage metal fans - Becoming more and more popular which means the prices are sky rocketing.  I've collected four great ones from estate sales, Etsy, and one from eBay.

Rulers and yard sticks - I now know I'm not the only one.  I was at an estate sale last week and a lady actually stopped me to ask where I found the two yard sticks in my hand, she seemed pretty upset.  Was I supposed to give them to her because she didn't find them?  Sheesh... I found an old fry basket too, I removed the handle and I'm using it as a catchall on my foyer table.  Spent a whopping $1.50 for all three :)

Black and white photos - These were all taken by me and very precious to me, some were taken in college and printed in an actual darkroom.

Rhinestone Brooches - I only collect silver brooches with clear rhinestones.  I want to make a wedding bouquet with my collection and dark blue hydrangeas.  One day hopefully...

Cocktail shakers - I collected these pretty quickly and then stopped, I just liked the different shapes and all the silver on top of my bar

Anything Tufted (Especially velvet) - Anything tufted gets me excited.  Blue velvet? I'm obsessed...


Blue vintage hardcover books (especially with ornate spines) - My favorite is in my bedroom on my nightstand and the colors are just beautiful

Salvaged sign letters (only As) - I love metal letters and always pick them up when I see them since they seem to be pretty scarce around here


Wooden drawers (especially carved or with interesting hardware) - old sewing machine drawers, wooden hardware or tool sorters and apothecary drawers. 


Decorative boxes - I can't seem to resist decorative boxes at HomeGoods (or anywhere else for that matter) and they're usually pretty affordable.  The map-covered ones I made myself.

Blue agate- I found this bookend at HomeGoods, I love it and it was much more affordable than the geodes I found online years ago before the mineral craze picked up

Vintage oil paintings - seascapes in particular, I love the blues and the calmness of the water scenes

Shells - I've collected them since I was a kid and can't seem to stop!

Silver frames - usually bejewelled - I keep these on my dresser in my bedroom

Silver skeleton keys - I also pick these up wherever I go, I love the really ornate ones

Silver Eiffel towers - I picked these up when I went to Paris a few years ago, sometimes I keep my rings on them

Silver coins (are you seeing a trend with everything silver??) - I used to buy any of the old coins I found when I was teller, my Dad has always collected coins too

Gemstone necklaces - I love big beaded necklaces, especially with real gemstones and in bright colors


This list was much longer than I expected...definitely good for keeping me from shopping for at least a day or two ;)

Last but not least - I framed my paint chip art - so here is the finished product:

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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