Monday, September 3, 2012

Austin Trip!

I can't believe it's already Monday night...seriously why do long weekends go by so fast?  Brace yourself this is going to be a long post...with probably a bit of rambling...I've been up since 3 AM (Austin time)

I tried to take a photo of myself each day (even when I arrived at the hotel)-you can definitely see how tired I am!

My first day I started at the City-wide garage sale-it's actually held in a convention center building and I paid extra to get in early (plus parking).  I gotta say I was let down.  Prices were pretty high and there just wasn't anything there that I couldn't live without.  A beautiful trophy sold right as I was walking up to a seller's booth which was disappointing. So I'm still on the hunt!

Here are a few photos I snapped with my phone...not sure if photos were allowed or not :/

So, I left empty-handed and decided to go to an estate sale I found.  Goood grief...I didn't do my research-not only was the sale a bust and WAY out of my way...I had to pay two tolls each way...and one was the kind you have to chuck change into one of those things...thankfully I had some change on me but it was close. 

Next up I found an antique mall back in Austin - here are a few more photos from my phone and camera that I snuck in.  I'll show what I bought at the end of the post...

 Beautiful globe but definitely not fitting in my carry-on...

I bought four yardsticks from this seller.  Then, had all kinds of anxiety about how I would get them home.  I ended up checking my suitcase and bringing them on the plane with me, TSA didn't even really react...had a few weird looks from passerby...
I definitely splurged on all of the stuff I bought in Austin.  I think I was so excited to actually find stuff I loved (because I struck out at MANY places that I stopped) that I lost my mind.  I paid probably 3x as much as I would have paid for similar items in MD.  Guess that's all part of the 'vacation mentality'...even though 100 degrees is not my idea of a good time...
I drove to SoCo in Austin next.  Definitely an eclectic group...lots of food trucks, funky stores and a few restaurants.  I was SO hungry I stopped at this place that I didn't think was that fancy but once I got the menu and realized I didn't know half of the ingredients...I went with margherita and pretty good.  Didn't hold up though and I really wanted to eat the second half :( 

I stopped at Uncommon Objects and found some great stuff.  I wish their prices were less expensive and the store was less crowded - but hey what are you going to do. 

Started taking photos of some of the cool signs (focusing on the As...maybe a future art project?)

I found a HomeGoods nearby just because I love their store and like to go no matter what city I'm in.  Love this lamp! 

Frames below were at World Market, definitely going to try to get this look on some frames I have!

Day 2-I got up early and hit Bussey's flea market.  Again, I don't get the hype because this place was not my cup of tea.  I was actually kind of scared.  Glad it only cost me a buck to get in...

Next, I stopped by the San Marcos outlets...snapped a few shots around the area while waiting for stores to open (since I got up early to go to the flea market...sheesh)

After spending too much money at J Crew...I drove over to Brenham, TX.  I'd heard good things about their antique stores there.  Again, I struck out.  I thought these dogs were so cute though-would have loved to bring them home for my Mom!
I did find this cool industrial cabinet at an antique shop but it wasn't small enough to pack :)
On the way back from Brenham, I stopped at Lucy's fried chicken.  I had tried to find it when I was in SoCo without any luck.  I managed to get a seat at the bar and I wanted to love it, but it just wasn't for me.  I do love the name and the sign though :)

Photos from the plane on the way home...I'm kinda obsessed with taking photos up in the clouds
Here are the photos of the antiques I bought.  I'm going to call them antiques instead of junk since their price tags were so high :)

Four yardsticks, a chicken feeder (which got my bag inspected even though I checked it...guess it does look kind of suspicious), and metal sign letter A

Metal 'wall hanging'...I think I'm going to hang it over my kitchen door or front door once it's painted
A beautiful book from the 1800s-love the blue color.  Skeleton keys, rhinestone brooch to add to my collection and a bracelet from the airport gift shop (impulse buy much?)
I decided to make the chicken feeder into a candle holder for now.  Later I may drill into it and make it into a light fixture. 
Well, that's it for my insanely long post on Austin, might have to take a break from treasure hunting for a little while after this one, need to get my thrifty mojo back!
Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Too bad Austin didn't live up to the hype, hope you had some fun anyway! I recently visited some resale shops on a trip to St. Louis, they were a bust too! I enjoy your blog very much!

    1. Thanks so much Christopher! Sorry you struck out too, I guess that's part of treasure hunting, that you can't always find the good stuff.
      Or we'd probably all be hoarders...:)

  2. Hi, Alisa! I stumbled across your blog through pintrest and really enjoy your posts as I share your love of treasure hunting and repurposing. I also happen to live in Baltimore and was wondering if you might post about some of your favorite shops/ barn sales/ flea markets? I'm always looking for new and worthwhile treasure troves and I'm not able to get out there as much as I used to since becoming a mom. I promise I'll send any yard sticks I find your way ;). Katie in Arbutus

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much for the sweet comment, I'm so glad you enjoy my posts :) You made me laugh with the yard stick comment, too funny. I would be happy to post some of my favorite shops. Flea markets are pretty hard to come by around here, they seem to be glorified yard sales (not like ones I've been to in the south). Let me know where you like to treasure hunt too!