Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eleven Things Volume 1

I've decided to start a new blog series titled 'Eleven Things'...expect a whole lotta random thoughts :)

1.  Point me in the direction of a waterfall and I'll travel near and far

This weekend I visited a friend in NJ and decided to take a detour on the way home to see a park that's been on my 'goals' list for while. 

Bushkill Falls in PA.  Amazing waterfalls and creeks.  Whole lotta stairs...great workout though :)

2.  When you decide to order beads online (because you think you can make your own necklaces cheaper than Etsy sellers charge) attention to the MM sizes.  They fool you with their close-ups...yeah...not a good time.

3.  Eat cake...worry about the calories later

4.  Even an ugly chair can be beautiful with a little help (and a lot of $$)

You may remember this chair from a previous post -->Stage an Intervention

She's currently with the upholsterer and we've finally found fabric that is available and exactly what I wanted-Sapphire Blue Velvet...wooo hooo! (bottom row on the left)

5.  You can literally find anything at Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

I went looking for old muffin tins to sort beads and saw the top of this awesome metal boat sticking out of those giant bins that they bring all the stuff from the back out in...$2.14 later I was one happy camper.  I love beachy-nautical stuff and this looked like the coolest little pirate boat.  I don't even mind that it's missing the third it character

I kicked out my favorite old metal fan (don't worry she joined her friends in the living room) and the boat now has the perfect spot next to some apothecary jars from HomeGoods. 

6.  I love old metal fans.  They don't need to work.  The cord can be a frayed mess...I'll just cut it off :)

My collection:

7.  Look past something's original purpose---always!  I found this cool metal yard-stick-holder at TJMaxx for around $10.  It came with a little glass vase that fits inside of it to put a candle in...should be an outdoor lantern...when I saw it I thought how cool would that be to hold my yard stick collection??

8.  Listen to your Mother.  It's just easier in the long-run. 

I was all upset because one of my hydrangeas in my urns on my front porch shriveled up and died (darn spiders!).  She told me to cut everything back and try again.  Usually you don't want to cut your hydrangeas when they're in their blooming/growing stage but what did I have to lose? 

Take a look at what I've got now!!

9.  I've discovered chalk paint pens.  My life is forever changed...The drink recipe below is borrowed from BHG :)

10.  I certainly didn't plant her but I'm super proud of my giant crape myrtle tree.  She's blooming & taller than my house...I have the best view of her from my closet room.

11.  I nearly gave myself a heart attack trying to win this painting through an online auction today.  The auction was something new for me (I'm certainly familiar with eBay and Etsy, etc).  This was an actual estate sale being liquidated through an online auction...and if people bid within 4 minutes of the closing they extended the auction.   Wayyyy too much drama....but this beauty is mine!  Now just gotta get her shipped...

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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