Monday, July 23, 2012

Yes, I'm addicted to Treasure Hunting

I tried to stay home this weekend, I really did.  The weather was crappy...lots of rain and I certainly didn't need to be driving all around MD with gas prices as they are...

Look at my poor hydrangea from the rain :(

But...treasure hunting sounded WAY more appealing than cleaning...or working out.  Treasure hunting IS my cardio...


Yard sticks anyone??  I usually find ONE yard stick during my excursions.  On Saturday I found NINE.  Jackpot! 

Once I collect enough I want to make something like this: 

My little fan collection is growing, we finally received the aqua fan in the middle in the mail.  So cute.  I love how they look grouped together in my living room. 

I used the old wooden hardware box to hold remotes and glass coasters.  I scored the box for 94 cents (it was a dollar and the guy next to me gave me 6 cents for the hardware...weird...but I took it...I certainly don't need a bunch of dust and rusty nails!)


I moved my milk glass collection (to accomodate the fans) into the kitchen.  I used an old shelf from Ikea to span the space between my two upper cabinets (over the sink). 


Finally, here's an update on my ever changing gallery wall.  I added the vintage oil painting I found on Etsy from a seller near the British Isles.  I painted the brassy frame a silvery blue.  I love how it turned out. 

Here's the before of the frame-this is from the seller's listing (I was so excited when I received it I painted it right away without taking my own 'befores') :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Really like how the frame turned out for the painting. The silver really brings out the colors. You usually do a before and after...

  2. Thanks, I love the painting too :) I just posted the 'before' of how the frame looked from the seller's listing-they did a weird split screen but you can see the original color.