Monday, July 23, 2012

Yes, I'm addicted to Treasure Hunting

I tried to stay home this weekend, I really did.  The weather was crappy...lots of rain and I certainly didn't need to be driving all around MD with gas prices as they are...

Look at my poor hydrangea from the rain :(

But...treasure hunting sounded WAY more appealing than cleaning...or working out.  Treasure hunting IS my cardio...


Yard sticks anyone??  I usually find ONE yard stick during my excursions.  On Saturday I found NINE.  Jackpot! 

Once I collect enough I want to make something like this: 

My little fan collection is growing, we finally received the aqua fan in the middle in the mail.  So cute.  I love how they look grouped together in my living room. 

I used the old wooden hardware box to hold remotes and glass coasters.  I scored the box for 94 cents (it was a dollar and the guy next to me gave me 6 cents for the hardware...weird...but I took it...I certainly don't need a bunch of dust and rusty nails!)


I moved my milk glass collection (to accomodate the fans) into the kitchen.  I used an old shelf from Ikea to span the space between my two upper cabinets (over the sink). 


Finally, here's an update on my ever changing gallery wall.  I added the vintage oil painting I found on Etsy from a seller near the British Isles.  I painted the brassy frame a silvery blue.  I love how it turned out. 

Here's the before of the frame-this is from the seller's listing (I was so excited when I received it I painted it right away without taking my own 'befores') :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Treasure Hunting Is Not For The Faint of Heart

I'm the first to admit I love to find hidden treasures in basements, dusty corners, and under piles of junk. 

But it can also be pretty sales quite often mean getting up early (I left the house Saturday at 6:15...that's AM people!) driving all over...standing in line with VERY competitive people...walking into strangers' houses...and don't forget the lovely smells...whew.   

I have to say I felt defeated this weekend.  So I *may* give my treasure hunting a break for a few weekends...well unless I see something awesome in the 'preview' photos...then all bets are off :)

Here are my stats:

  • 2 yard / estate sales were complete misses (due to the rain they cancelled at the last minute)
  • 1 estate sale was almost completely empty...but advertised as a 'packed' sale <3 that
  • 1 estate sale was a feeding frenzy (at least 50 people waiting to get in, I was #20)-I found the mirror and the little covered sugar bowl (?) and they were willing to work on the price-I got both for $5!
  • 1 estate sale had some great finds (the fan, keys and wooden carved frame) but they weren't willing to negotiate at all which took some of the fun out of it. 
  • 1 antique mall an hour from my house that I've never been to...I found that A-Mazing printers tray...I've never seen one like that and it even has little carved numbers for the sizes along the edge.  50% off woo-hoo.  I also found a victorian silverplate 'waste pot' (at least that's what they called it).  I think it looks amazing next to my other silver urn filled with hydrangeas from my yard (I wish they could last all year!)
Here are some close-ups and a few shots of my bookcase styling.  Do you rearrange your bookcases frequently?  I love moving things around and creating little vignettes on each shelf. 

I tried to put it back because I don't really 'need' an awesome old printer's tray...but I just couldn't put it down...

The frame looks really solid.  I've already given it a coat of glossy black.  I think it will be making an appearance on my gallery wall...just need to decide what I want to put in it!

I should have taken a before photo of the fan so you could see the dramatic transformation of those shiny blades. It wasn't easy!

See what a little silver polish can do?  I love bringing great pieces back to life. 

How could I resist a key with my last name on it? There is a 7 on the back of the key-if it had been an 11 I probably would have skipped to the cashier ;)  $1 for each key, so excited to find these! 

I haven't decided what to do with the film reel yet.  But at 50 cents I couldn't pass it up...

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Too much of a good thing...

Happy July 4th!  It's about 100 degrees here in Baltimore.  I'm having a staycation today!

So, I was shopping on Etsy and found an amazing opal glass vintage lamp.  I'm not even going to show it to you because I convinced myself I didn't need it.  In any way...shape...or form. 

I just did a mental count of the lamps currently in the house...


I mean the house is maybe 1200 square feet...sooo like I said a while back with my mirror-aholic post...

If you see me at your local #HomeGoods or thrift store buying a lamp...please tackle me...otherwise there just may not be any lamps left for anyone else :/

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Are you an emotional shopper?

Brace yourself for a whole lotta random...

I would say I'm a self-proclaimed emotional shopper. 

When I'm anxious about something (like work and my up-coming Drs appt) I shop. 

When I'm excited about something (like my air conditioning coming back on after a raging storm Friday night) I shop. 

When I want to feel the thrill of finding that ONE treasure that fits into one of my MANY collections perfectly...I shop. 

Is this a problem?  Do I need one of those multi-step programs? I mean it could be worse, right? 

For your viewing pleasure, my treasures from this past weekend...a.k.a. a damaging-worse-than-a-hurricane-storm-didn't-keep-me-in-the-house

Estate sale finds:

All of this hardware was in a ziploc bag for $ Dad said they saw me coming, ha! I just couldn't put it down.  I'm not entirely sure what to do with all of the pieces but I'm sure I'll come up with something!

More rulers and yard sticks to add to my collection.  I got everything in the above photo for $1!! 

This was one smelly estate sale...I'm pretty sure these two maps were the only thing of value in the whole house...sad but true.  I was thinking I could make the framed one into a cool window shade but it's actually glued to a piece of foam board...maybe a pinboard of where we've traveled?  $6 for both maps. 


Etsy finds (from the UK!!...wish the shipping wasn't so much :(

I've been looking for a vintage seascape painting for a while and this one was out of my price range but the seller worked with me some on the price and I just love it.  So I guess it's worth it, right?

I found this cute whale illustration on Etsy and framed it with a mat I had cut @ HL.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  I added it to my gallery wall that I re-worked over the weekend to include my collection of 'A's.  Collections look soooo much better en masse:

I've been obsessed with maps and vintage fans lately (among my many other collections mentioned above).  I framed the map of South America and propped it up against my gallery wall...I love how the blue water works with the blue painted vintage table...(NOT that I'm saying your art needs to match your furniture...just to be clear)...

My wonderful Mom bought me this awesome vintage fan on eBay...she's the best (especially at winning auctions...she doesn't play around ;)


I also put together this coin tray with a photo tray that's been on my coffee table forever and my old collection of European and American coins (all in silver of course). I think it turned out pretty cute:

 I even found a place for my movie reels from a previous estate sale:

Well, I think that's enough randomness for one Monday evening!  Have an amazing July 4th!

Happy Treasure Hunting!