Monday, June 25, 2012

Toy Box Transformation!

SO...I pretttty much stayed away from the sales this weekend...well at least I didn't spend that much money anyway...$3 was my total :)

We had our yard sale on Saturday and it was a success!  Only thing that annoyed me was the early birds...If I say the sale is starting at 8 and that if you're an early bird you might have to help set up...that doesn't mean show up at 6:30 and stare me down and start firing questions at me about what I'm selling and start throwing stuff out of my boxes...What.In.The.World.

Anyway...the sale went pretty well after I had everything set up and we got rid of almost everything.  The rest we took to Goodwill right away

Now on to the really fun stuff...I wanted to share a project that has been in the works for quite a while.  My grandfather passed a way a few years ago and I wanted to have something in my home that really meant something to me that he made to remember him. 

This is the toy box he made for me when I was very very little.  It even has my name carved on it!  I did have to remove the padding at the top so that the lid could fit on but the old vinyl had seen better days anyway. I also cleaned up the wood with my favorite Method wood for good cleaner and some polish. 

My Dad made the 'lid' for the top just big enough so I could upholster it and turn it into a great rolling ottoman-bench / storage bin / favorite memento.  The green foam I had cut at JoAnns.  They'll cut one side for you and you'll have to do the rest at home.  I also added the blue fabric inside...probably should have ironed it first :/ I was too excited!

I think it turned out pretty amazing.  Took me a while to find just the right place.  I think I might have to move the wheels so it fits under the console table in my foyer a little better.  Notice some of the treasures from last week's post? <3 Stage an intervention-hoarder in training!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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