Monday, June 25, 2012

Toy Box Transformation!

SO...I pretttty much stayed away from the sales this weekend...well at least I didn't spend that much money anyway...$3 was my total :)

We had our yard sale on Saturday and it was a success!  Only thing that annoyed me was the early birds...If I say the sale is starting at 8 and that if you're an early bird you might have to help set up...that doesn't mean show up at 6:30 and stare me down and start firing questions at me about what I'm selling and start throwing stuff out of my boxes...What.In.The.World.

Anyway...the sale went pretty well after I had everything set up and we got rid of almost everything.  The rest we took to Goodwill right away

Now on to the really fun stuff...I wanted to share a project that has been in the works for quite a while.  My grandfather passed a way a few years ago and I wanted to have something in my home that really meant something to me that he made to remember him. 

This is the toy box he made for me when I was very very little.  It even has my name carved on it!  I did have to remove the padding at the top so that the lid could fit on but the old vinyl had seen better days anyway. I also cleaned up the wood with my favorite Method wood for good cleaner and some polish. 

My Dad made the 'lid' for the top just big enough so I could upholster it and turn it into a great rolling ottoman-bench / storage bin / favorite memento.  The green foam I had cut at JoAnns.  They'll cut one side for you and you'll have to do the rest at home.  I also added the blue fabric inside...probably should have ironed it first :/ I was too excited!

I think it turned out pretty amazing.  Took me a while to find just the right place.  I think I might have to move the wheels so it fits under the console table in my foyer a little better.  Notice some of the treasures from last week's post? <3 Stage an intervention-hoarder in training!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stage an intervention-HOARDER in training!

The past two weekends have been beautiful weather-wise.  I've definitely been partaking in some retail therapy to deal with stress.  The result...a HUGE pile o' treasures!! 

Hence the title of this post...someone really needs to stage an intervention and keep me from estate sales...yard sales...barn sales...and cute beachy shops on the Eastern shore. 

Here are the numbers...

estate sales
1 church flea market
2 yard sales
2 barn sales
2 beach shops
1 antique store

Now I didn't buy stuff at ALL of those sales...but let's be honest I did some damage.  I also fell for a few estate sales that were just another man's junk...still boxed up and in dark smelly basements...they can't all be full of treasure, folks. 

So, the next couple of posts will focus on redecorating with what I have, fixing up some of my treasures AND my very own yard sale (which might happen next weekend depending on the weather). 

Now the best of all of my TREASURES :)

Shots from the fancy barn sale I attended...the other one was scary and you would not want to see photos of it, trust me. 


Can you guess what I bought?  Yes, of course the mirror...but it had some damage (I think it's pretty old) so I flipped it over and made a chalkboard for my bar area in my dining room. 

Vintage Kodak film tin and some old books from the less fancy barn sale:

This is where I put the books-can we take a moment to talk about how FABULOUS my hydrangeas are this year?? 



Kitchen table 


Two more 'estate' sales...really glorified yard sales...two rulers and a cool old soap dish that's already been painted.

 I know what you're thinking...was I drinking when I bought this chair??  Especially since I paid $50 for it :/  It had $75 on looks like a mini-wingback to me and I've been wanting to reupholster a chair for my office.  The upholstery job is beyond BAD.  So, I think I'm going to seek professional help on this one :)  I also bought the beaded clutch and blue and white rhinestone earrings at the same sale.  The silver dish and old map were from a different sale earlier in the day. 

Oh and I also managed to shop on Etsy (darn that smartphone!) and scored this AMAZING blue vintage fan (on the top shelf)...

During our Eastern shore excursion on Fathers' day we went to a gift shop where I picked up the shell magnifying glass, anchor hook and the little silver whale--so cute!

My absolute FAVORITE store as a kid was SeaShellCity...I *may* have gone a little overboard...I just <3 shells so much

Last, but certainly not least-we stopped at this unbelieveable antique store with great prices and even more amazing treasures.  I found a great yardstick from Delaware, a silver soda crate (with 'Chasers' painted on the side), a little beveled silver dish, a beaded necklace, two ornate cloth books (check out that ferris wheel in silver on the spine!), and my lovely Mom picked out that silver tool box.  My wonderful Dad even looked through all the booths (and only tried to rush me once or twice!).  Fabulous day with my family!

Phew, that was a long one...

Happy Treasure Hunting!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Estate & Barn Sales & Beautiful Weather

What a great weekend...I'm sad it's over already!  I stopped at an estate sale on my way home Friday (before a raging storm swept through the area). 

I picked up this great Syroco ornate gold frame from the 50s for 50 cents!!  I also saw this footed silver (urn??) in the preview photos for the estate sale and I was sure it would be gone by the time I got there.  But there it was in the basement...I snatched it up as soon as I saw it...I'm pretty sure this lady thought I was nuts...but how amazing is the detail on this urn/vase/double-handled-footed-bit of awesomeness??  I'm not exactly sure what the etchings mean but I love the shape and the patina-it even has a stamp on the bottom that says Reed and Barton...Best part-it was only $5!!  


On Saturday I went to a barn sale in VA that I've been wanting to go to for a while.  My lovely Mother went with me and we psyched ourselves up the whole way there telling ourselves that we most likely were going to be shopping for 'ideas.'  Check out some of the photos below-sorry for the quality-the battery on my little camera was apparently dead and I didn't have my 'real' camera with me...not too bad for cell phone photos though :)


 Aren't these amazing??  This is what we came home with-I have a TON more photos below.  I have absolutely no idea where I'm going to put it but my generous Mom bought it for me because she could tell that I ADORED it.  They're super old, have all of their beautiful crystals and have amazing patina. 

It might just sit on a table for a while until I figure out what to do with it (and have my Dad rewire it because it's set up for European wiring-he's thrilled!  Ha ha!). 


I thought this was a really cool idea-I couldn't tell if it was an actual porthole window or one of those old convex framed portraits-repurposed as an amazing shadow box for sand and shells...I'm on the hunt now for one of these to replicate the look. 

Amazing right?  I would have so found a way to fit this in the car... but alas it was sold.  I think it might have been an old dentist cabinet. 

This beautiful mirror was almost ours - it was missing a price tag so we asked someone who worked there how much it was and they gave us a price...when I went to get it two women were standing there taking it off the wall and told me it was theirs-that they took the price tag off to 'claim' it and that's what you do.  They weren't very nice at all.  But we didn't let them damper our spirits (at least not for too long ;)

We loved these tables outside with their ornate iron details.  Would make a great desk or art table. 

This beauty has great lines-she just needs some love!  I'm sure she found a great home!

My Mom and I being goofy taking some photos in the mirrors and by the entrance.  Don't we look great with our big necklaces?  All decked out to go treasure hunting in a fancy barn :)


Close-ups of our beautiful antique crystal light fixture:



Finally, I went to one more estate sale Sunday morning (commonly known as 'half-off day'). 

I saw the blue and white glass paper weight online and just loved it-so I figured it would be gone on Day 2 of the estate sale.  I was #11 in line (which MUST have been lucky) because it was still there.  It was $24-which I'm guessing is why it was still sitting there-but at $12-something I could manage. 

I rooted around in the garage and was getting ready to go back inside when I spotted this great yard stick all dusty in the corner-snagged it for 50 cents :) 

The level was 50% off so it was $2.50.  The paint stirrer they gave me for free.  The ruler on the right I found in a bedroom-it's called a 'Pin-it Skirt-marker.'  NO idea how to use (especially since I don't wear skirts)-BUT I think I might use it to display some jewelry since the little metal arm swings down. 

It was marked a $1 but I think the gentleman gave it to me for free-because my total was just under $16 for everything (including tax)...Hmmm...guess he didn't see how fabulous it is!  He looked at me like I might be crazy when I asked how much the paint stirrer cost...I thought the little boat was cute :) 


On a random fabulous are my hydrangeas this year??  I just love the blue ones :)  I have a couple hydrangeas plants and each one is a different color ranging from pink to a purpley-blue.  The pink haven't quite bloomed yet so I cut a few of the blue to make little arrangements for the house. 

Happy Treasure Hunting!