Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY, Treasure Hunting, & Bday in Boston!

Busy couple of weeks around here!  I did manage to squeeze in a few DIY projects and visited a hoarder's paradise (aka a jam-packed estate sale in CP).  I got there on the first day - a weekday at that...started at 10, I got there around 11:30 and I was #96...I've never in my life...but it was worth it...amazing selection of old tools. 

My finds-2 levels (1 all metal, 1 mahogany with steel sides), 4 rulers (1 folding with brass ends, 1 Coca-cola one that says Do unto others..., 1 metal, 1 wood one with black writing that was actually used to measure oil-absolutely LOVE), 1 vintage Brownie camera, and finally a matching set-rhinestone brooch and earrings in fantastic shape.  Total for this sale:  $65 (the most I've ever spent at a sale and they even charged tax...good grief :)


DIY Basket Lamp

I decided I really loved the giant basket (it's the larger size of the one I have hanging on my kitchen pendant) and wanted to jazz up my bedroom floor lamp (from Ikea and a bit shakey).  I took off the shade and found a glass globe at Lowes for about $10.  Put everything back together and voila!  Not the sturdiest thing ever but I love how it looks.


Nightstand...take FOUR. 

So my Mom found this nightstand in a dumpster a million years ago (litterally probably close to 20 years ago) and she painted it white and velcro-ed on a flowery skirt.  In my teens I painted it electric blue.  A few years later I painted it black (drips and all-you have to learn somewhere!). I also changed up the seat fabric quite a few times.  I sanded everything down and primed and painted (MANY coats) it high gloss black.  I recovered the seat in a gray upholstery fabric I found at JoAnns.  Love. It.  I'll have this thing forever :)


Ikea Boxes-I've redone quite a few of these in my time--see below:

But this one didn't turn out so well and it's been hanging out in my parents' basement since I moved out (over 4 years ago).  I decided to give it another shot and pried all of the mosaic tile off and as much grout and mastic as I could. 

A whole lotta sanding later...

I went with a really dark ebony stain and some vintage pulls I found on Etsy.  I also added these cute little buttons as feet to give it some additional style.  I super love it now and I'm glad I decided to give it a makeover!


Biggest announcement is that I made it to the Brimfield Antique Show on my birthday!  

My wonderful Mom made the road trip with me.  We arrived at Brimfield on Friday May 11th (hence the name of my blog Five Eleven) and spent a few hours checking out some of the vendors.  The next day we went on a whale watching cruise.  Sunday we made it to the Cape and the SOWA festival where they had whole building of vintage and antique vendors.  On our way home on Monday we stopped at a Salvation Army (had to check out the local scene) and made a detour to Coxsackie, NY (you heard me right) to visit an antique mall I'd been wanting to check out.


Brimfield-2 vintage books for about $3 each, an amazing rhinestone brooch for $5 and 3 beautiful skeleton keys for about $11

Cape Ann-how freaking cute is this little whale?  I was going to silver leaf him but I think I'll just leave well enough alone :)  Not so sure it would stick to rubber!

SOWA Vintage Market-Amazing illustrated book for $5 and a great vintage mirror-I sprayed metallic silver and added black paint to antique, I hung it on my bedroom door. 

Anthropologie-clearance mercury glass vase, ceramic berry basket, and 3 more of my favorite knobs that were also on clearance for $3 each. 

1154lill (where you can design your own handbag-I picked up this ready-made tote on sale and also designed a couple bags that will be ready early June)

HomeGoods (always have to check out the local HG)-little gray box made out of slices of bone or shell or something like that

SalArmy-heavy silver dish-Rogers $3.99, white milk glass bowl 99 cents.

Coxsackie Antique Mall-Old vintage starburst frame with a portrait and an old yard stick attached to another piece of wood. Total $23 (both we're on sale!)  I took the portrait out and sprayed the convex glass with looking glass spray to turn it into a mirror. The frame was also sprayed silver with a little black paint to really bring out all of the details. 

Everything in it's place...there are a few things I might move around but for now I love everything as is...

Phew that post was LONG & overdue...

Happy Treasure Hunting!


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