Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear don't scare me!

For my birthday my grandmother gave me an antique scale / micrometer-I think it would have been used in a general store to weigh stuff-apparently it belonged to my great-great uncle (I'm pretty sure we would have been BFs judging by the stuff he liked to collect).  The 'newest' patent date is 1898.  So it's definitely old...and covered in rust and cobwebs. 

I've tried vinegar, windex (just to clean off some of the dirt), wire brushes and steel wool.  I've succeeded in getting most of the dirt off at least...but the rust remains.  So I'm taking a break for now and I've placed her on top of my antique armoire in my dining room...mainly because I know it can handle the weight (she weighs a ton).  In other be continued...


Now on to the fun stuff...I hit THREE estate sales this weekend and a couple yard sales.  Didn't find anything I couldn't live without at the yard sales but the estate sales were another story.  I was suprised because I was actually going to skip the sales this weekend since I didn't see anything interesting in the pre-sale photos.  What I really wanted to do was go to Luckett's Spring Antique show this weekend but it was just too far away, didn't have anyone that could go with me AND I knew I'd fall in love with something FABULOUS and not be able to afford it.  Maybe next year? 

Until then, check out my TREASURES and how I incorporated them into my house.

Antique Wizard Fan-$5!!  I was walking back through the house to make sure I didn't miss anything and spotted this beauty on the hearth and it wasn't marked.  When I asked for a price they told me they found it in the attic crawl space and I could have it for $5...I kept my cool but I was pretty estatic inside.  I've been looking for an old metal fan like this for a while but they're usually so expensive.  I cut the cord off it (it was falling apart into pieces in my hand) and sanded off some of the rust (the parts I could get to).  I have it on top of my carved wood box from Target (back when they were doing the whole Global Bazaar thing). 

Next to the Wizard fan is part of my milk glass collection.  The tall compote in the back I scored at the last estate sale for $1.  It has some marks that won't come off (even with a magic eraser!) but I still love it (especially for $1)


At the second estate sale I found these great old movie reels and storage tin-$2 for the lot.  I haven't decided where I'm going to put them yet so I just stacked them on top of my printer as decoration for now LOVE the colors and different shapes (that glass vase next to the pile used to be a lamp shade with etched dots-now it holds all of my USB cords).

The tin I'm using as giant coaster on the arm of my couch.  I also found these stunning vintage rhinestone earrings for $2. 


At the same estate sale in the smelly basement I found a great ruler from a company that used to be on the street I live off of and a cool old red yardstick.  50 cents and a dollar respectively.  I found the black metal yard stick ($2) at the first estate sale and added it to my mercury glass vase in my dining room:

I spent a total of $13.50 at the three estate sales...not too shabby.  I'm simply in love with that fan...


I also put together a quick DIY project-I made a little tray for my console table in my 'foyer' with a frame I already had and some foreign silver coins...couldn't be easier-you just set them out the way you want on the glass and then put the back of the frame back on.  I might change the frame out later to something with higher edges so it can hold more but for now I think it works pretty I can see & enjoy them!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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