Monday, May 28, 2012

Antiquing & A Little More Rust Removal

I found this amazing carved-wood upholstered antique chair on eBay last week and really wanted it.  I convinced myself that I didn't need it (even though I have a perfect spot picked out for it).  Well, I decided to try to work with the seller on the price and see if it was still for sale (although it's a three hour drive from my house, I was obsessed, end of story).  Well, after almost five days of trying to get the seller to answer me-they finally told me their husband had sold it to a friend...Grrrrrr.  So the search continues...

To assuage my need for a mini-road trip I decided to travel to Western MD to check out an Antique mall I'd heard about.  I'm not usually an Antique mall fan (due to their higher prices) but it was definitely worth it to check it out. 

Below are my finds:

Four rulers-One fold up ruler (it was covered in rust and patina-I cleaned, scrubbed, sanded (steel wool and wire brush)-I even used my new rust remover cleaner stuff...more on that later.  One wooden store ruler with cool measurement equivalents on the back, one wooden ruler with black/white/red printing and finally one metal printmaker ruler. 

I also found this really pretty mint and white plastic beaded vintage necklace (my favorite color combo at the moment) and a beautiful antique book on Marie Antoinette-blue with a silver filigree pattern on the spine and covers. 

Total at the Antique Mall:  The necklace was on sale for $2.40, the book was $8.95 and the rulers were a splurge at $26. 

The silver Sheffield compote was found at the same Antique store where I bought my linen cabinet...if you want to check out that post

It needed some polishing and has a few war wounds but I love the shape and cut out design.  It was on the 50% off shelf for $12.50...not bad.


 Here are all of my finds in their current locations :)

 I think the compote looks great on my mirror-topped coffee table with my other vintage silver bowls and dishes.  I haven't decided what it's going to hold yet though...


Below is another shot of my antique scale (Dear-Rust-You-Dont-Scare-Me) I bought some rust remover on Amazon to try to get more of the gunk off so we could reveal the original beauty...well...we're just not there yet.  The stuff is pretty caustic and it leaves a white residue to 'resist' any more rust forming.  So...for now it's still a work in progress.  I would just spray is silver and call it a day but it's from the late 1800s and I have a feeling that might horrify most people :)

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  1. I think the scale is a tremendous improvements so far! Love the book. It's in terrific shape.