Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Treasure Hunting and a few projects...

So starting today I'm going on a spending diet.  No spending until my birthday which is about 26 days away.  I'm even going to try to only eat food that I already have in my kitchen...should be interesting :) Wish me luck!

Now on to the fun stuff...Saturday morning I got up bright and early and traveled to two estate sales.  I found them both on Craigslist - after looking at their photos I thought they might have some interesting stuff.  I went to the first one because I was interested in the ocean painting I saw in one of the photos.  Well, homegirl wanted $250 for that sucker so I decided to make my own :) 

To see the transformation of this table click here --> Thrift Nightstand Project

Not nearly as fabulous as the vintage professional one-but mine didn't cost a thing (I already had the canvas in my closet and paint left over from college...side note:  make sure to test out your paints if you're using old stuff- some of the consistency can change and you'll be able to tell if they've gone bad) 

I did buy five hardcover vintage books for a whopping $3.50 at the first sale.  At the second estate sale I bought two more hardcover books, two amazing vintage Baltimore Harbor maps/atlas/nautical charts from the 60s, a broken piece of an old yard stick (sounds like trash but trust me people were eyeing it in my pile), an old fabric seamstress tape measure, an antique hammer thing (my Dad can tell you the exact name of it) and finally...a super cool silver magnifying glass.  All for a grand total of $8.  I mean come on you can't beat that :)

I think I'm going to have some of the nautical charts professionally framed for my dining room...stay tuned for another post on that one (after my spending diet of course!)

 This cabinet/jewelry armoire belonged to my grandfather and before him my great great uncle.  It even has a little skeleton key and little shelves inside.  I propped the mini-magnifying glass up against the cabinet along with an old folding yard stick my Dad gave me that was left in my parents' first house. 

 I bought this little silver sugar bowl at my local GW for $4.  It was a tarnished mess but I thought it was really cute.  With a little silver polish it's the perfect spot to show off my estate-sale-fabric measuring tape.

Little estate hammer and broken yard stick along with my other rulers and old mini hammer my Dad gave me. 

Vintage books added to my shelves and entryway mosaic table.  Love the colors and lettering on the spines.

Finally, my last project this weekend was made entirely with stuff I had around my house. 

I made a fabric bulletin board with:   
  • A frame my grandmother gave me for Christmas (I think she got it @ Kohls)
  • Some fabric that I've been saving for another project
  • A piece of heavy duty cardboard from a package I received in the mail
  • Staple gun
  • Valspar Metallic silver spray paint
  • Gorilla tape

 I removed the glass and mat and sprayed the frame with a coat of the metallic silver spray paint.  Then, I painted over it with black glossy acrylic paint, wiping off some as it dried for an antique look.  Next, I cut a piece of heavy duty cardboard to fit inside the frame.  I wrapped the fabric around and stapled it just like you would a chair seat.  Since the fabric is upholstery-weight the 'bulletin board' ended up being thicker than the frame.  So I used gorilla tape to secure it to the back of the frame. 

I added a few inspirational cards and my collection of vintage rhinestone brooches that I've been saving for a really special project in the future.  Until then, I'll display them where I can admire them every day :)

The brooches are held on by tacking in straight pins (from your sewing stash if you have one).  That was one long post...time to get ready for the work week:)

Happy treasure hunting!

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