Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Weekends of Treasure Hunting...

A.K.A. my spending diet is over.  I did make it six whole days without spending any money...but a girl's gotta eat...or visit an estate sale or three :/  I haven't gone overboard or anything but I'm not going to beat myself up for spending money either.  Anyway enough therapy :)

Small project I did while on my spending diet-Money Hearts (one for each day I didn't shop)

I think I might save this idea for a graduation or wedding gift...would be cool to use a wire wreath form and cover it with heart-shaped money.
So, I went to three estate sales (one last weekend and two this weekend).  I forgot to take a 'before' of my haul from the first one-it was pretty small and I almost got into an altercation with a fellow shopper.  People are crazy. 

I found this amazing galvanized-sided wood drawer with dividers.  Love at first sight.  Of course the drawer belonged to an entire unit (see altercation above).  But it was priced separately, on the other side of the room, filled with metal fittings I didn't need (so I recycled) and not my problem :)  Besides I would have loved to have the whole drawer unit but she got there first. I scrubbed the heck out of it and also got some weird yellow paint off one side.  I dry-brushed some silver paint over the front of the drawer to enhance the crackled stain finish.

I also picked up a wooden ruler (I know I'm obsessed lately), a blue metal C-clamp, a metal angle-drawing thing with a ruler (that I took a part)....and a ridiculously beautiful old wooden level. 

I hung it on the wall in my dining room along with three prints-from the Maryland Nautical Charts from a previous estate sale-(if you want to read that post click here --Treasure Hunting-Nautical Charts )  The frames and mats are from HobbyLobby. 

Total for that Estate sale-$13

The next two Estate sales were okay. The first one had pretty high prices (and a long line to get in on Saturday) but I did score this great mirror for $5. Someone had epoxy-ed the mirror on the that was fun to remove :) I sprayed it with super-metallic spray paint and rearranged my vanity to add it to the mix.


The second estate sale was a bit off the beaten path but had two really nice women working the sale and great prices.  Below is a photo of my pile:

Two great older rulers-one is three-sided like an architectural or drafting ruler, the other is folding with an old-style phone number-Belmont 5-9200.  I think the thing to the right is a trivet-it's super heavy with three little feet on the bottom. 

I also found these great blue beads (they're super long even doubled up), white shell necklace, rhinestone screw-back drop earrings (love!) in wonderful shape, and finally a rhinestone scarf buckle-thing? 

Total for this Estate sale-$10

Here's how I incorporated some of my finds:

I plan on wearing the blue beads so I just added them to my jewelry display on the back of my vanity door.  The bracelets are on a cafe curtain rod mounted to the door.  I love being able to see everything while getting ready. 

 I used the rhinestone buckle thing as a frame.  That's me as a baby.  It was the only photo I could find small enough and I realized I didn't have any photos of me as a baby...nice to remember being care-free...and wearing a dress at that!

I plan to wear the earrings too.  I cleaned them up with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol on the metal and just a little water on the rhinestones. 

The trivet was also painted and I have it leaning on a small glass cup for support.  Love the graphic pattern.  The metal thing on top of the stack of books is from the first estate sale-I love how it looks like a heart if you turn your head. 

Finally, here is the white shell necklace.  I'll probably wear it too but for now I love how it goes along with the beachy ocean painting.

Another long final 15 second project below.  I had a plain silver tissue box on my nightstand that just wasn't doing it for me.  I was going through my sock drawer and found some fishnets that I'd never worn (and I'm not really sure why I bought them).  I cut each end and put the box inside and I. Love. It.  


The silver dish was a gift from my Mom-she bought it on Etsy.  I love the faceted detail with the points and it's small size.  Lamp and tray are from HomeGoods. 

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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