Sunday, April 8, 2012

Skeleton Key Project

I've loved skeleton keys for as long as I can remember.  I've always collected them and have a few pieces of furniture that still use skeleton keys to lock.  I went to a flea market last weekend. While it wasn't my favorite trip (the place wasn't nearly as fabulous as I'd hoped)-I did find some really amazing skeleton keys. 

I decided to display them on my gallery wall in my office.  I used a resin frame from HomeGoods (made to look like an ornate vintage one).  I cut off the back and removed the glass.  I then stapled a piece of rhinestone trim I found at Hobby Lobby to the wall (I tried to glue it to the frame but it wouldn't stay put and since the frame is resin I couldn't staple it to the frame either) and hung all of the keys using jump rings I found in the jewelry making section of HL.

Finished product-a beautiful way to display a collection of special skeleton keys. 

For some of the not-as-ornate keys-that my Dad gave me a million years ago-I strung them on a piece of black ribbon and hung them from the lamp switch. 

Happy Collecting!

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