Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mercury Glass DIY

I've seen some projects involving this 'looking glass' spray and decided to give it a try.  Side note:  It's pretty difficult to find locally.  I ended up ordering mine through Overstock and received it in a few days. 

I purchased two small glass dishes - 1 from GW and another from a glass store at an outlet center in PA. 

The trick to this is doing many light coats.  I also taped off the outside of the glass (you want to spray the mirror finish on the opposite side that you want the mirrored-look).  After the paint dried-I painted over it with Martha Stewart craft paint in Black.  Looks pretty good if I do say so myself... 

I also used the same spray paint on an old piece of glass from this great vintage frame we found on Etsy.  I scratched the back to get an antiqued-mirror effect. 


The finial is another project I worked on a few days ago-I found it at GW for $ can see it's original finish below...definitely not working in my house in that state.  I added some acrylic paint and I think it looks pretty great on my shelves next to my DIY mercury glass pieces. 

Happy treasure hunting!

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