Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kitchen Redecorating Project

So I decided I didn't love my kitchen as-is.  The baker's rack between the two doorways always stuck out and just wasn't my style.  So I found a beautiful antique (I'm told from the 20s-same as the house) armoire at an antique/junk store.  I had every intention of painting I do with most of the old furniture I purchase for my home. 

But once I cleaned it really well and waxed the surface...I was in love...with the original finish...if you can believe it.  It has a few chips to the veneer and scratches but I love it. 

I did make ONE modification...I couldn't stand the original finish on the I sprayed it silver and 'antiqued' it by rubbing on some glossy black paint.  I also took out the middle drawer so I could store my crock-pot and panini-maker. 

The painting above the armoire of orange calla lilies I did in college.  The baking dishes are by Le Creuset in their Caribbean blue color. 

I tried to pick up on that aqua color with my newest project-I filled the space where the baker's rack was with an old nightstand that I picked up at Sal. Army for $24.99.  Not realizing at the time that the 'carved' details were really the painting was slightly a nightmare...but I love the end result :)


 I found this amazing vintage mini-sunburst mirror on eBay.  I think it looks great with the larger sunburst mirror that I also painted (from Hobby Lobby) and the modern burst mirror on the left (HomeGoods of course).


The little cutting board has a carved 'A'...I picked it up at a West Elm store that is closing near me.  I went a little overboard with their closing sale definitely fell off the spending diet bandwagon.  The hammered metal stand and the fabric placemat are also from West Elm.  The fabric is actually a rug remnant that they sold to me.  I love the texture with the glossy paint of the table and the hammered stand. 

Still working on the styling but I love the way the colors work together. The print is of a statue in DC that I photographed in high school, I 'developed' the print by spraying developer onto the paper for a speckled look. The lamp was a HomeGoods clearance find ($29.99 WITH the shade!!). 

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. I love that armoire! I seem to come across a few antique armoires but they all have been in terrible shape. I never know how bad the shape should in order to draw the line or if its salvageable. Great blog you have some amazing finds.

    1. Thanks Aisha, your comment was so sweet! I really love that armoire too, every time I'm in my kitchen it makes me smile :)
      Usually if the piece is solid and doesn't have large cracks I'll take a chance on it. You can always paint it if the finish isn't in great shape (a lot of antique armoires faced a lot of abuse since people were using them as their actual closets). Almost anything can be fixed if you're willing to spend some time and energy on it. Good luck:)