Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hi my name is Alisa and I'm a self-proclaimed mirror-aholic (I even have a Pinterest board named just that).  I'm obsessed with mirrors.  I can't seem to pass up an ornate mirror, especially a vintage one I know I can make beautiful.  Starbursts/sunbursts are my favorite...but I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for them.

I've made a collage below of all of the mirrors currently in my house.  Not just to show my obsession with mirrors but to give anyone reading this full permission to tackle me in a store if you see me buying ANOTHER mirror...

There are few projects in the above collage that I also wanted to share...

These mirrors were made from old vintage clocks I found...The religious clock below was easy to disassemble.  I then sprayed it glossy black and glued in a convex mirror I found from the automotive section of Amazon. The clock parts from the startbursts mirror were also easy to remove.  I then painted it a soft black and added some silver for an antiqued look. 

Happy Treasure Hunting!