Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gwill Nightstand-Mosaic Foyer Table

I found this nightstand at a thrift store for an amazing $10!!  It had great lines (I love anything with a tapered leg) but the top had that shiny veneer (WHY was that so popular back in the day??)  So I decided to mosaic the top with inexpensive black ceramic tile and graphite-colored grout. 

Before & After

I think it turned out pretty well.  The knobs are also from Anthropoligie, the lamp & mirror were Homegoods steals at thirty-something each.  Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with mirrors and lamps?  I'm pretty sure my father will refuse to re-wire another vintage lamp at this point... 

Do you also love my prized possession??  My gossip bench reupholstered in blue velvet.  I bought this before I even bought my house and I will have it forever.  Always.  Without a doubt.

But it was NOT cute when I got it (here is the BEFORE).  Tan and brown embossed vinyl, who DOES that?  I had it professionally reupholstered (I can do drop in seats, pillows, etc...curvy, tufting and fabric-wrapped shelves is best handled by a professional)


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    1. Thanks :) I need to find a new project to work on, haven't mosaiced in a while!