Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chair B&E

Happy Tuesday!  This is going to be a short one because I've had a long week...and it's just begun :)  I have a big project in the works for my kitchen but for now...here are a few of my past chair projects-before and after shots together so you can see the transformations. 

So, like my last post about mirrors--I'm also obsessed with chairs...and lamps...and cabinets with lots of drawers...the list goes on.  I'm a collector (hoarder) at heart for sure.

All of these chairs were found at thrift shops.  The one above is actually an old sewing chair (the seat lifts up for storage).  I painted it black and upholstered the seat and front/back of the backrest with a cream colored decorator fabric. 

This chair was pretty gross when I bought it...the padding if you could call it that...looked like grass... I painted the wood a bright blue, updated the fabric to a fun b&w upholstery weight fabric and painted the black detail on the backrest.  Probably my favorite chair redo to date. 

This chair took me forever.  I couldn't get the color on the wood right and the paint kept getting caught in the grooves.  I do like how it turned out though.  I also used decorator fabric for the seat-I'd had the fabric for a while and finally found a use for it :)

Okay...so this one clearly isn't a chair.  But it's a pretty awesome footstool. I snagged it from GW for $5...sprayed the 'wood' legs with bright blue Valspar spray paint and used the same b&w fabric as the chair above (I had some left over). For the padding I used a bed pillow that was too flat that I was going to get rid of.  I think it turned out pretty cute.   

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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